Growing Seoul Bucket List: Seoul Sai's Virtual Tour

Tuesday, November 03, 2020

Took another virtual tour yesterday, this time with Seoul Sai. 

Few weeks ago, I was hit by their ad on Instagram and immediately signed up. I was waiting for a similar Airbnb Online Experience before this, but glad to see this free offer of a (virtual) tour around Seoul! 

First of all, who is Seoul Sai? I am a new follower of the group, and found out that all their members are students from Sogang University in Seoul, majoring in Global Korean Studies. This background gives variety to the way they present South Korea tourism to their young and international audience. Their goal is to provide a more personalized and customizable Seoul tour experience.

Because of COVID-19, Seoul Sai will start their goal via online webinars. They have different social media presence, including a website, Facebook and Instagram, and a Youtube channel. They seem fairly new from the amount of their content, but very promising group to follow with the quality of their posts.

During their first webinar, Seoul Sai revealed a glimpse of their customized Seoul tours. I love how they categorized their tours, making each segment brief but jam-packed with new information. For someone who has been to Seoul around 10x already, I must say I still picked up A LOT of new places and things to do to add to my Korea Bucket List! Sharing snippets of the “SeoulSai Virtual Tour - Customized Seoul Tour via Zoom and Youtube” which I attended with my friends last weekend.

One of the things that I love about Seoul Sai's virtual tour? They have lots of clips on Korean food! Kagutom!

Ashley said we were with BTS Jimin during the tour! Hehehe:

Mt. Inwang Tour - A healing walking tour, Korea's history and nature. I can imagine hiking again in Seoul on my next visit!

Hyehwa Tour - Kdrama tour, mural village and cute cafe. Will always be a fan of Korea's aesthetics!

They also shared the menu from the mandou restaurant in Hotel Del Luna, yum! 

Han River Park Tour - Tubester, bike ride, sunset. I love the view of the Han River from the park, but would love to try having a picnic or taking the tubester on my next visit!

Vegan Tour in Seoul - A big finally! I'll join this tour someday, I've always been on the lookout for vegetarian food options in Korea! They presented a lot of options from convenience store finds, to luxury restos, and even food deliveries!

BTS Seoul Pilgrimage Tour - A special tour for ARMYs! I love the OPPA Card trivia where you have T-Money card printed to your favorite oppa or Kpop group!

After the different tour presentation, Seoul Sai had a Q&A session and raffle draw. Even without winning anything, it was a fun and fruitful 1.5 hours! I hope I get to physically travel with Seoul Sai someday (when the world is safer). For now, it's nice to have something to look forward to, and meet people from all over the world through this informative webinar.

Let's continue day dreaming! Watch Seoul Sai's webinar on their Youtube channel:

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  1. I'm living in Singapore. I try to make it a point to travel with my family (they're in Cavite) at least once a year. Obviously, we couldn't go anywhere this year. Let alone... I can't even come home to see them at this time. I've been thinking of what "virtual" thing I can organise... to sort of mimic a "travel with family". This gave me a good idea! :)


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