#BekoHarvestFresh: A Refrigerator Technology That Will Keep Fruits and Veggies Fresh Longer

Saturday, April 17, 2021

Before, my work entails traveling, so I’m always away. For the past year though, the whole family works from home, so we eat our meals together which means we need more food in the ref.

I’m a vegetarian, plus the whole family became health conscious now. We try to consume more fruits and veggies, and we even have Meatless Mondays. We even learned how to grow our own veggies in our garden, and store them inside this refrigerator so they’ll last longer. 

With Beko’s HarvestFresh 3-color technology, it recreates the 24-hour sun cycle to keep our produce fresh without compromising its nutrients. It means lesser grocery runs, less food waste, more savings, and of course healthier meals for the family. 

Total Quality Assurance provider Intertek Laboratories has independently verified that Beko HarvestFresh preserves vitamins A and C, which are two key contributors to a healthy lifestyle, for up to five more days.    During the first four hours of the HarvestFresh cycle, the crisper lights will shine blue, mimicking dawn and the first light of day. This is followed by two hours of green light replicating midday and a six hours of red light imitating the more muted tones of dusk. The drawers will then turn dark for 12 hours to represent nighttime. 

"We believe in creating technology that responds to the needs of consumers. With HarvestFresh, we are helping them eat healthy and vitamin-rich fruits and vegetables," said Gurhan Gunal, Country Manager of Beko Pilipinas Corporation.

Watch Beko Harvest Fresh Launch here:

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