Get TinyTAN Breathable Face Masks With Your Globe Rewards App!

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Globe Rewards is having a special flash deal TOMORROW, May 26 at 3PM, for TinyTAN breathable face masks! 

Avail the TinyTAN breathable mask with you Globe Rewards for only 70 points! This will be in limited quantities only, so make sure to not miss out on this great deal.

Aside from TinyTAN, other Globe Rewards flash deals to look forward to are Kbeauty brand The FaceShop’s best selling sheet masks, and vouchers to watch The Battleship Island featuring Song Joong-ki via GMovies in partnership with Upstream. All starting at 10 points only! 

 Here are other perks you can avail with your Globe Rewards App:

1. Donate to Medical Causes. 

You can contribute to community pantries all around Metro Manila through Walang Iwanan Alliance, a citizen-led alliance formed amid the pandemic, which aims to mitigate hunger in the most vulnerable areas of the Metro. You can also donate to PGH Medical Foundation, Inc. to help with efforts from the recent fire. 

2. Health Perks. 

Health is wealth, especially now, and you can give yourself up to P4,000 health insurance for 3 months provided by Pacific Cross. You could also achieve your #bodygoals by enrolling yourself in a spinning class at one of the hottest exercise studios in Metro Manila.

3. E-commerce vouchers. 

You can buy whatever you want from the country’s leading e-commerce platforms at a discounted price with cool vouchers.

4. Food vouchers. 

Globe Rewards has partnered with a lot of your favorite restaurants, but it’s taken its love for food even further. Now you can satisfy your cravings anytime and anywhere at a fraction of the price with GrabFood vouchers.

5. Streaming Subscriptions. 

Can’t get enough of your favorite koreanovelas and k-movies? You can stream to your heart’s content through premium access to different video-on-demand platforms.

With over 3,000 partner stores nationwide, it’s now easier to  shop, dine, travel, and even avail of Globe’s services from the comfort of your homes, simply through the reinvented Globe Rewards. 

#EverydayIsAReward with Globe Rewards! 

The Globe Rewards app is available on the App Store, Google Play, and AppGallery.

Which Are the Top Vacation Resorts in the Philippines for 2021?

Friday, May 21, 2021

If you are planning on visiting the Philippines anytime soon, this list of resorts are the ones you want to

What Are the Best Vacation Resorts for You to Visit in the Philippines in 2021?

Planning on taking a trip to the Philippines in the nearby future? If you are, then you are making a wise decision. This is a beautiful place to visit, and costs associated with visiting there are quite reasonable. It is a fantastic destination that offers first rate accommodations, fantastic history, and amazing sites, both natural and man-made.

If you are planning to visit there soon, then it would be a smart decision to stay at a great vacation resort within the Philippines. There are many, but here are some you would want to consider. Some listed are for those who want a more extravagant vacation, while others for the more budget conscious person.

Casino Filipino Angeles

One of the top resort destinations is also a gaming space. There is plenty to do around here, as the hotel not only provides exceptional accommodations, but there are shops, restaurants, and a five-star casino as well. You can even enjoy a good bingo game while visiting, however, do not feel like you are locked into only going to the land-based facility. You can see the websites here that allow you to play bingo online, so you can still play your favorite game while being able to take in the beautiful sites and wonders of the Philippines.

Reef Beach Resort

For those looking for a great experience along the shore at a cost that is friendly to any budget, this resort is ideal. There are fantastic things to do, including a spectacular nightlife. Sadly, for many years this resort had been tarnished by the fact that people had not properly taken care of the reefs, but that is no longer an issue. Special care has been provided, as they have cleaned and cared for this region, and now this is one of the most beautiful sites you can visit. Because of the challenges they faced in this area, this has helped to drive costs down, allowing you to get a five-star vacation at a price you cannot beat.

Camiguin Volcan Beach Echo Retreat and Dive Resort

Maybe you are looking for a little bit more adventure. Then this is the place for you. This resort has beautiful white sandy beaches, and there are waterfalls and springs nearby. These allow you to be able to go out and spend a day or many for that fact, enjoying the natural wonders of the Philippines. However, if you want to experience the beautiful waters that surround these islands, then you can go out on a diving retreat and see wonders that are truly spectacular. Plus, the cost for joining one of these excursions is beyond reasonable.

Plantation Bay Resort

This resort is located in a privately owned waterway, ensuring that you can enjoy this place without any of the traffic or challenges that come as being part of an open beach area. The resort itself is truly spectacular, and you can spend hours out in the water enjoying the bay to its fullest. In fact, some of the resort rooms exit directly into the water. This allows you to wake up and go for a dip to start your day. It is an experience you truly cannot beat.

Dos Palmas Island Resort and Spa

This is truly a fantastic destination because it gives you the best of both worlds. You can go out and enjoy the beautiful beaches that surround the Philippines, as the resort is located right along the shore. There are even cottages that run right up against the beach area, putting you just feet away from a beautiful morning swim. You can also rent a boat and go sailing or fishing for the day, enjoy snorkeling, or take in a day of just laying out on the beach. Plus, the resort also has a series of swimming pools that allow you to stay in more serene waters while you swim or lay out by the pool. For parents who want to ensure they can keep track of their kids and not have to worry about them going swimming, this is the perfect location.

Boracay Grand Vista Resort and Spa

The last destination we want to mention is this spectacular resort. This is a little on the high end in terms of cost, but it has the largest pool area on the island of Boracay. Again, this offers you the opportunity to enjoy swimming out on the waters or to enjoy the beautiful pool area. There are daily excursions that allow you to go out on the water and see the beautiful wildlife, learn how to go snorkeling or diving, or take in a day of fishing. There are also trips to show you the beautiful wonders of Hagdan Yapak.

As you can see, there are many great destination places in the Philippines where you can enjoy a luxury vacation at a resort while taking in the beautiful wonders of this nation. Truthfully, it doesn't matter where you stay. The Philippines are beautiful no matter where you go.

4 Simple Tips On Taking Care Of Your K-Pop Doll Collection

Thursday, May 13, 2021

 Keep your K-Pop plush babies clean and brand-new looking with these four simple care tips.


For K-Pop fans, collecting various merchandise is one hobby that sparks their joy and allows them to express their love for their favorite Korean artists. Many fans save money in order to buy albums, photo cards, lightsticks, posters, and other limited-edition items of their idols. Some even collect plush doll versions of their biases (favorite members of an idol group) and treat them like their own children.


K-Pop dolls are cute items to add to your growing merchandise collection. Just like other adorable plush toys, your K-Pop dolls also need extra tender loving care, especially if you plan to display them in their pristine condition for a long time. 


Here are four simple care tips to maintain the cuteness and excellent condition of your beloved K-Pop doll collection:

Place Them in Clear Boxes

You might be tempted to place your dolls near your bed or neatly arrange them on a shelf.  That may be a budget-friendly option but if you do this, your dolls will be exposed to dust and dirt. Plus, you might be surprised to see your dolls stained or covered in dust that might be difficult to clean. Or worse, you might see your poor dolls gnawed by pests such as bugs or rats!


To keep your dolls protected from pests and dust, clear plastic acrylic boxes are your best bet. You may find cylindrical containers or rectangular acrylic boxes designed for plush dolls in online stores. If your home has vertical shelving like those in Sentosa in Calamba, Laguna, clear boxes are great ways to display your dolls and maintain their brand-new looking and pristine condition. Plus, these clear boxes also make your doll collection look like they were professionally curated. 

Handwash Them

Using your washing machine might seem like a quick way to clean your dolls. However, doing so might cause rough fibers and fluff to appear on your dolls. Your dolls might become deformed due to the swirling and spinning in your washing machine. Unless you have a gentle wash setting in your washing machine, handwashing is the ideal way of cleaning the dolls to keep them soft and fluff-free.


To handwash the dolls, fill a large basin with water and put powdered or liquid detergent soap in the basin. Soak your dolls in the soap solution for about 15 minutes or up to half an hour to ensure thorough cleaning. Gently squeeze out the water and soap when rinsing. Avoid twisting your dolls in order to preserve their shape.

Use Fabric Softener

For extra softness and fragrance, use fabric softener before finally rinsing and drying your dolls. Leave your dolls in the sweet-smelling solution for about five or ten minutes then rinse gently. You’ll have plush babies that soft to the touch.

Dry Them Thoroughly

After rinsing your dolls, it is crucial to dry them thoroughly. Doing so prevents mold growth and unpleasant odors when storing your dolls. After hand washing them, arrange them neatly in a basin and place the basin outdoors to let natural ventilation dry the dolls. Keep them away from direct sunlight as the rays may fade the colors of your dolls. The thoroughly dried dolls are now ready to be displayed in your room once more.



These four care tips may help you keep your K-Pop doll collection clean and well-maintained. Your K-Pop plush babies are items that spark joy in your fan-girling/-boying life and connect you to other fans, which is why it is important to maintain their pristine condition.

How To Make Celebrations at Home More Special

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

We celebrated three occasions at home in less than a month!

First was my Ate's bridal shower 2 weeks ago, before her wedding (a surprise party). Then we had Mother's Day and my younger sister's birthday celebrations in one weekend!

We could have added more variety and excitement to these events, but the pandemic can be limiting to our creativity. There came a time I was already running out of new ideas on what to give to my closest friends celebrating their birthdays for the 2nd time at home.

Sharing some ideas here for your future reference, but please do feel free to add more on the comment box below coz this girl needs a little help too! ❤ 

Gift Ideas for Friends Celebrating Their Birthdays at Home:

1. Digital Gifts - This can be in the form of commissioned drawings, e-vouchers, or a playlist! A few Christmases ago, since I usually spend the holidays with my family, I posted commissioned illustrations of my friends on my Instagram account saktong 12mn. I also emailed them the hi-res copies. It is a unique and personal gift, plus you get to support local artists too.

2. Food Deliveries - Staying at home made us miss a lot of "outside food", so receiving a box of one's favorite pizza or dessert are highly appreciated! I usually order via food delivery apps like Grab Food and Food Panda where I can check the different options available in my area. They usually offer discount or free shipping vouchers too!

3. Flower Deliveries - When I've already exhausted the food delivery option last year, this year I decided to send flowers instead for my friends' birthdays. People seldom receive flowers nowadays (I think?), that receiving a pretty bouquet has become a breath of fresh air.

I just discovered an online Flower Store delivery service where you can order the night before, then they will arrive to your friend the next day at your preferred time frame (yung gising na sila, lol)! They also have cakes, chocolates, balloons, and other add-ons. 

Their bouquet can be a bit pricey, but the flowers are really fresh! Plus their service is very reliable and convenient--which are very important to me who makes last-minute purchases! Haha!

How To Make Celebrations at Home More Special:

1. Decors - Shopee is key! You can get banners, banderitas, those metallic foil curtain backgrounds, balloons, table mat, and other party-ready props even when you're on a budget. Just make sure to order in advance to avoid delay stress.

[Where I got these Bridal Shower decors and other party needs online]

Ate's Bridal Shower Banner, Cake Topper, and Headband / Sash are all from Shopee!

2. Printouts - Decors, but make it personalized! I used an online free templates site and app called Canva to create professional-looking invitation for Ate's bridal shower, while a Mother's Day card looked more well-designed with Canva templates. A working and loaded printer at home is also an essential for me these days!

Last minute invite printouts that made Ate's party look more put-together!

Created the dessert topper layout with Canva too

A prettier Mother's Day card for Mom, free layout via Canva

3. Cake Delivery - The best table centerpiece for any event is a pretty cake! 

These days, I am really in love with the cake options of Boulangerie22, they are affordable, yummy, aesthetically pleasing, plus it's so easy to buy from them since they're in most food apps already. 

If your celebrant prefers something savoury, you can also opt for cheese platters or graze boxes like ApéritifPH or @apgrazingtable

I really love Boulangerie22's Japanese Cotton Cheesecake!

Boulangerie22's Strawberry Love Cake for Mother's Day! This is an affordable and yummy strawberry chiffon cake, covered with real dried strawberry bits! 

This pandemic really made us more creative and appreciative of what we have in front of us. It's really the family and friends--people who are celebrating with us--that made these parties a success! These were all fun times, no doubt, but I still hope it's the last year we need to limit ourselves to parties at home.

How To Use Your Cebu Pacific "Travel Fund" To Purchase Your CEB Super Pass

Friday, May 07, 2021

It has been a while since I visited the Cebu Pacific website, and I just miss the thrill of booking for a ticket! Yung nakikipag unahan ka kapag Piso Sale, habang ka-group chat ang friends "Anona! Wag drawing!" Haha!

Recently, I attended the launch of Cebu Pacific's CEB Super Pass, and got so excited to semi-plan my travels again!

It might take a while for things to get back to normal, but this offer is too hard to pass up. 

The claim: Buy all you can, fly when you can with the CEB Super Pass. For just PHP 99, you can fly one-way to ANY local destination that Cebu Pacific offers. 

The CEB Super Pass is available via their website from May 5 to May 12, 2021 only. It's like your blank ticket to anywhere you plan to fly to in the next months (from May 12, 2021 to May 31, 2022). You don't have to input a specific date or destination when you purchase the vouchers now.

I tried to book 2 CEB Super Pass vouchers to check the total price of a round-trip domestic ticket, and used my Travel Funds from my cancelled 2020 flight to Hanoi. 

I think the card or Paypal option is easier to figure out, but I can't seem to push transactions with my Travel Fund as it requires me to log-in my Cebu Pacific account. And every time I try to, it automatically logs out when I am on the CEB Super Pass page. 

After several attempts, sharing how I was able to use my Travel Fund to purchase my CEB Super Pass:

1) Open TWO tabs on your browser

1st Tab: Enter your information for the travel voucher:

2nd Tab: Open the log in page of Cebu Pacific:

2) Log-in

After entering your info on the travel vouchers on the first tab, go to 2nd tab first and log-in.

3) Proceed Payment

When logged in on the second tab, go back to your first tab and click Proceed Payment. 

Did it work? Page should reflect your Travel Fund Balance:

Not literally Php 99 for one-way ticket, the total for a roundtrip ticket to a local destination is Php 781.76 inclusive of taxes. My latest attempt in booking for a Boracay trip last March, the roundtrip airfare is about Php 5000!

My current Super Pass, waiting to be redeemed:

You can add your baggage allowance and other add-ons when you redeem your vouchers. 

Redeeming your CEB Super Pass can be done via the “Redeem CEB Super Pass” tab on the website as early as thirty (30) days before the flight’s departure or until seven (7) days before intended flight date, as long as seats are still available. 

A maximum of ten (10) vouchers per transaction is allowed, however there is NO limit to the number of total vouchers each passenger can avail – allowing everyJuan to stock up on these vouchers as they see fit!   

Again, the vouchers can be used till May 24, 2022... So I am hoping I can use these by then! Please visit for other information.

Cebu Pacific currently flies to 32 domestic destinations, so I asked on my Instagram Stories: 

What's the first local destination you're planning to go to pag okay na?

Here are some of the common answers!

Thank you CEB for sending these pasalubongs that I super miss!

Excited to fly again! Feel ko maiiyak ako on my first plane ride after all these!