4 Simple Tips On Taking Care Of Your K-Pop Doll Collection

Thursday, May 13, 2021

 Keep your K-Pop plush babies clean and brand-new looking with these four simple care tips.


For K-Pop fans, collecting various merchandise is one hobby that sparks their joy and allows them to express their love for their favorite Korean artists. Many fans save money in order to buy albums, photo cards, lightsticks, posters, and other limited-edition items of their idols. Some even collect plush doll versions of their biases (favorite members of an idol group) and treat them like their own children.


K-Pop dolls are cute items to add to your growing merchandise collection. Just like other adorable plush toys, your K-Pop dolls also need extra tender loving care, especially if you plan to display them in their pristine condition for a long time. 


Here are four simple care tips to maintain the cuteness and excellent condition of your beloved K-Pop doll collection:

Place Them in Clear Boxes

You might be tempted to place your dolls near your bed or neatly arrange them on a shelf.  That may be a budget-friendly option but if you do this, your dolls will be exposed to dust and dirt. Plus, you might be surprised to see your dolls stained or covered in dust that might be difficult to clean. Or worse, you might see your poor dolls gnawed by pests such as bugs or rats!


To keep your dolls protected from pests and dust, clear plastic acrylic boxes are your best bet. You may find cylindrical containers or rectangular acrylic boxes designed for plush dolls in online stores. If your home has vertical shelving like those in Sentosa in Calamba, Laguna, clear boxes are great ways to display your dolls and maintain their brand-new looking and pristine condition. Plus, these clear boxes also make your doll collection look like they were professionally curated. 

Handwash Them

Using your washing machine might seem like a quick way to clean your dolls. However, doing so might cause rough fibers and fluff to appear on your dolls. Your dolls might become deformed due to the swirling and spinning in your washing machine. Unless you have a gentle wash setting in your washing machine, handwashing is the ideal way of cleaning the dolls to keep them soft and fluff-free.


To handwash the dolls, fill a large basin with water and put powdered or liquid detergent soap in the basin. Soak your dolls in the soap solution for about 15 minutes or up to half an hour to ensure thorough cleaning. Gently squeeze out the water and soap when rinsing. Avoid twisting your dolls in order to preserve their shape.

Use Fabric Softener

For extra softness and fragrance, use fabric softener before finally rinsing and drying your dolls. Leave your dolls in the sweet-smelling solution for about five or ten minutes then rinse gently. You’ll have plush babies that soft to the touch.

Dry Them Thoroughly

After rinsing your dolls, it is crucial to dry them thoroughly. Doing so prevents mold growth and unpleasant odors when storing your dolls. After hand washing them, arrange them neatly in a basin and place the basin outdoors to let natural ventilation dry the dolls. Keep them away from direct sunlight as the rays may fade the colors of your dolls. The thoroughly dried dolls are now ready to be displayed in your room once more.



These four care tips may help you keep your K-Pop doll collection clean and well-maintained. Your K-Pop plush babies are items that spark joy in your fan-girling/-boying life and connect you to other fans, which is why it is important to maintain their pristine condition.

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