Shake Shack Brings The New Korean-Inspired Chicken Sandwich + Menu Here in the Philippines!

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

First served in South Korea Shacks, a hit in the US and starting September 27 it will finally land in our Manila Shacks - our Gochujang Chick’n!

All About The Sandwich

Inspired by Seoul’s vibrant fried chicken scene, the limited-time Gochujang Chick’n (P275) features a gochujang-glazed crispy chicken breast topped with toasted sesame seeds that sits over a white kimchi slaw.

Gochujang is a flavor-packed, go-to ingredient in Korean cooking, made with red chili peppers, sticky rice, fermented soybeans, and salt. The result? A red fermented paste that’s kinda spicy, kinda sweet, packed with umami flavor, and used as an anchor in all kinds of stews, marinades, sauces, and more. To complement the gochujang, we finely chop and mix garlic and ginger into our glaze as well.

But what really brings it all together? Our white kimchi slaw! In addition to cutting through the rich flavors of our chicken, this is our tribute to the white daikon radishes often served alongside fried chicken and other dishes in Seoul. Kimchi is a staple of Korean cuisine made from salted, seasoned, and fermented veggies (ours includes Napa cabbage, daikon radish, and green onion). 

We’ve Gochu a New Shack Gang

KR-ash landing into our Shacks together with the Gochujang Chicken is an accompanying Korean-inspired collection of menu items starting September 27. Exchange your fave K-drama lines with your chinggu over a side of our Gochujang Chick’n Bites (6pcs – P215 / 10pcs – P265) - crispy, whole white meat chicken bites or our Gochujang Fries (P205) - crispy crinkle cut fries, both served with spicy-sweet Gochujang mayo sauce. Master the latest K-pop dance craze with your oppa Shack-style by pairing them with our Black Sugar Shake (P210), toasty-caramel black sugar hand spun with vanilla frozen custard, topped with whipped cream and black sugar syrup. 대박!

Planning to have our Korean-inspired Shack goods in your shack? From Sept 27 to Oct 1, head on to Grabfood for some exclusive Gochujang sets and get a free Blueberry Lemonade for every purchase.   

Heads up: this won’t be in town for long! Fly on over to @shakeshackph on Facebook and Instagram and @shakeshack_ph on Twitter for some fun social media giveaways and more deets. To skip the wait and for contactless payment and pick-up, order ahead by calling our Shacks or hit us up on Grabfood or foodpanda for delivery.


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