5 Ways To Keep My Mind Sharp (And Beat Writer's Block!)

Saturday, October 16, 2021

As a blogger, I have to write all the time. It doesn't matter how many years I've been blogging, there will still be moments when writer's block creeps in. I still get those days when I have a deadline, and I just stare in front of my blinking cursor not knowing where to start!

A writer's block is when you lose the ability to produce a new work. The creativity slump can be caused either by pressure, stress, or even burnout. You can also feel uninspired when you're not physically or mentally well. When you're distracted or overwhelmed, it's also harder to focus on your writing assignment.

To keep my mind sharp, I have to develop habits that will give my thinking game a much needed boost. We workout so our bodies remain in tiptop shape, and apply skincare products regularly to achieve clearer skin. Meanwhile, our brain also needs activities to develop better memory and enhance our thinking skills.

Here are different activities that I do to exercise my mind, so I am ready whenever I need to work on a new writing task.

1. Learn a Foreign Language

I am currently enrolled in an online Korean language class! After more than a decade of graduating from university, I cannot imagine myself seating for an hour and listening to a teacher again. Learning a foreign language is quite challenging, but also fulfilling. I knew I needed this as it keeps me on my toes, my mind on full operation mode every session. Trying to memorize new vocabularies, understanding different grammatical rules, and even writing in different characters from what I am used to are great exercises for the brain.

2. Eat Brain Boosting Foods

An easy way to take care of your brain is by eating food that are good for it. Some brain foods that boost the memory are fruits and vegetables, dark chocolate, nuts, fatty fish, black coffee, and even a glass of wine! 

3. Play!

A mental workout that I am trying to practice more is playing. Yup, GAMES are actually good for you! Remember when our grandparents ask for the Sunday newspaper's crossword puzzle or sudoku section? They are not only fun past-times, but also great mind boosting activities.

Since I am always online, I go for websites that offer different fun games that I can alternately play daily. There is a website called which offers some of the games that I used to enjoy back in the day like Classic Solitaire and a newer version of PacMan called Cookie Monster! Daily Word Search is somehow similar from crossword puzzles, so I also enjoy this game. The rules are basically the same, but the site offers a how to play and other information about the game to refresh your memory.

My all-time favorite old school card game: Solitaire!

Remember PacMan? This game is similar to it and you can play it online for free! Totally nerve-wracking!

The timed games make me extra competitive! Exciting and also great way to exercise your brains.

When you try to come up with strategies, or when you're focused on completing a game, you are also keeping your blood flowing and your mind active and healthy! These online games are indeed a fun way to sharpen the mind wherever you are.

Good for my mind and even my sense of sight, Garden Secrets Hidden Objects requires you to spot as fast as you can a specific object camouflaged on the photo.

4. Yoga 

I have been into yoga for years now. Aside from the physical benefits of different poses and stretches, yoga has also been good to my mental health. It's a perfect destress activity where you are only required to simply narrow down their thoughts, and focus on your own posture and breathing (and make sure you're doing the correct thing while not losing your breath count!). Aside from yoga, any workout or physical activity like running or biking are helpful to achieve a clearer head.

5. Read More

Because of social media, Korean dramas, and my favorite Youtube shows, I am guilty of not giving myself the time to pick up a paperback and get lost in another person's written words. Whether it's fiction or non-fiction, reading has always been a great source of inspiration. It's definitely still the best brain food whenever you're experiencing a creative slowdown. Novels stimulates the brain, expands your vocabulary, and even improve one's memory. 

Aside from reading, writing long form or with pen and paper (and not through your computer) is also a healthy practice for your brain. Always keep a pen and paper on your desk, or bring a notepad wherever you go in case you have ideas suddenly coming in!

And lastly, make sure to give yourself proper rest. Take a break if you need to! After a week of vacation in a foreign place, or just a night of good sleep--a relaxed state of mind is definitely a healthy mind!

Do you have other tips you want to share? 

Are you also doing some of these activities listed above? 

Sound off in the comment box below! :) 

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