Tukuran Falls, Infinity Farm, Filipiniana Hotel | Oriental Mindoro Day 2

Tuesday, November 09, 2021

Woke up feeling so refreshed for our Day 2 in Oriental Mindoro. I got up for a quick breakfast in Casa Marco Suites' restaurant at the 4th floor, and confirmed for the morning's optional yoga activity. My "YES! G!" self is back for this "comeback trip"!

Morning Yoga

The coordinator informed us that only me and Jamie confirmed to do the yoga! 😂 I still went for it because I miss yoga, and generally taking part in group activities! We did basic stretches, but there were a lot of challenging poses too. 

Overall, I am glad that I went for it coz it reminded me why I loved going to my yoga classes before. It is not only for your physical health, but also a refreshing treat mentally and emotionally. Wish I can do it again next time!

We were also joined by Nikki and Kyle

With our yoga teacher Meena! :) Really enjoyed her teaching style. By the way, the class was held at the second floor of Poco Loco Danceteria along White Beach, Puerto Galera. Wish we had more time to hangout and have smoothie bowls in their colorful cafe. :) I felt so at home, hehe!

Tukuran Falls

Now on to the day's water adventures! Heading for the Tukuran Falls, we needed to ride a carabao cart. We had scenic and refreshing nature right in front of us, a dreamy sight especially after years of just having the four walls of my room as my daily view.

The roads were rough, but we had a great time comparing the experience to wild theme park ride! At the end of the pathway, we trekked a bit more till we reached the falls. Some swam, others ate. It was a nice time to just relax and do whatever you want!

Infinity Farm

One of my favorite views during this Oriental Mindoro trip was at the Infinity Farm. We had a boodle set-up lunch when we arrived, running water on our side as we slurp on our coconut juice, and eat our delicious Filipino meal including tortang talong, turon, pansit, etc.

We immediately trekked to the falls as it's starting to get dark already. Streaming water increases as we traversed upwards. The pathway was a bit slippery when it rains, and it will be harder to navigate at night. 

I like the whole vibe of the Infinity Farm, though! I was telling Paul it reminded me of my solo trip in Jeju Island during winter, where I had a nice view of their waterfalls, while everything was surrounded by glistening thick snow. 

During our visit at the Infinity Farm, the weather was cool and a bit overcast which complimented the relaxing natural scenery in front of us. Wish we could stay longer ... Ang ganda talaga!

Filipiniana Hotel

Checked-in our hotel for the night in Calapan City. The rooms at the Filipiniana Hotel are HUGE. My whole family can stay in this spacious business hotel if we're in the city. They have a nice pool, and breakfast was great. It was a short stay, so I can't say much more so here instead are photos of my room:

We also received more gifts during dinner from Oriental Mindoro, thank you for making us feel special during our stay!

Updated requirements for traveling to Oriental Mindoro:

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