5 Valentine Gifts Ideas You Can Get Online

Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Love month is nearing, have you thought of what to give your loved ones? Here's a list of some gifts you can buy online and delivered straight to your special someone, family, and friends to make them feel loved this Valentine's. 

"Ideal Addition" - a fun carnation bouquet with Ferrero Rocher chocolates from PhilFlora

1. Food bouquet 

In general, you can't go wrong with a simple bouquet. However, here is a fun twist. Flowers aren't the only thing you can give in a bouquet! Depending on the person you're sending the gift to, I've seen a wide range of creative bouquets nowadays like money, photo cards, stuffed toys, and even food! 

2. Custom minimalist cake 

One of the best things that happened the past years is the rise of cake options. There are a lot of brands, most especially small bake shops, that has sprouted around the Metro. And most do not have their own physical store yet, but transacts mostly through their online website or social media accounts. With Korean inspired minimalist cakes, you can write a fun message along with the tasty treat.

3. Photobook

With everything fast and digital, there's nothing like receiving hardcopy photos of your memories. Whether it be in photobook format, the usual 4R sized photos, or printed on canvass, having actual copies of some of your best pictures feel more special and nostalgic. Something you can display on your work desk to look at times you'll need inspiration. 

4. Food Delivery 

This is the easiest, and does not require pre-booking of sorts. Anyone will appreciate receiving unexpected feast on their doorsteps. 

5. Streaming Service Subscription 

Whether it be Netflix for the movie junkies, or Viu and Iqiyi for the Korean Drama fans, gifting streaming service subscription is highly appreciated now that most still prefer to stay at home. To make it even more special, send in a top ten list of "To Watch", or have popcorn, pizza, and drinks delivered too! Make it a whole entertainment-at-home experience for your loved ones.

As always, whatever you decide to give on Valentine's day doesn't really matter as long as it comes from the heart. Send across that love to people special to you this love month, we all need a little love at this time! :) 

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