Have You Ever Had an Unhappy Birthday?

Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Didn't really properly celebrate my birthday last month, because suddenly I had COVID. ON MY BIRTHDAY.    

The first symptoms occurred a day before, I was fixing my closet after a huge online sale, and suddenly got the sniffles. I thought it was just because of the dust, the weather, or because I had overworked myself again. As usual, I just brushed it off (while doubling my vitamin C, in case).

The next day, I knew it was COVID already when I felt burning from a high fever. I did not panic though, tanggap ko na. Also, there were people in our house who were already in isolation, and were supposed to be "graduating" na that weekend, so medyo expected na. Parang nag salitan lang kami para may gumalaw sa household hehe.

Birthday breakfast + Start of home isolation:

Anyway, this might sound false positive (I apologize in advance), but I am glad that when I got sick, my mental state was relatively stable. Compared to 2020, when I wasn't emotionally ok, I was somehow more prepared now and knew what I had to do and what to expect. Di ako na rattle surprisingly, having more fact-checked information online, and having friends who also got sick during the new year. I have people that I can talk to, about my current condition or about other things just to pass time while stuck in my room.

36th. It wasn't the best birthdays, but again, I am glad to say it also tested how comfortable I am with my own company. When I had to celebrate my birthday alone in my room, I did not feel as if something was lacking. Dati I was super into birthday salubongs and parties, or even birthday trips! Basta dapat lagi may ganap. Now I am just grateful that I am alive, everyone in the family recovered well, and we were all able to go through these unscathed and still together.

Food = Love. My friends and I usually send food deliveries during birthdays. Thankful to have you Ash, Paxie, and Ava!

Post COVID birthday celebration! We ordered food again during Chinese New Year to celebrate the Year of the Tiger AND as late birthday meal nadin. 

My stash of vitamins and favorite KF94 masks which I bought prior getting sick (Ok talaga to have stocks of these at home)

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