Art Gallery in Boracay

Monday, March 28, 2022

I was looking for anything art related in Boracay, when I chanced upon the House of Howell.

House of Howell is the first contemporary Art Museum in Boracay, featuring Filipino Artists. You'll easily recognize them from their bright entrance:

Located behind Balabag Church, and right next to Hannah Hotel in Station 1, the House of Howell aims to showcase local art, and change themes every month. All painting are for sale, with prices next to each piece.

There's a cafe inside, but it was still closed during our visit last February 2022. Shelley's Medo Cafe opened the next day during my flight back to Manila so I just listed it down for my future Boracay trip!

At the moment, entrance to the art gallery is FREE of charge. The place has two floors, and they are open from 9am to 6pm. Taking photos are allowed. It's a nice alternative stop while in the island. 

During our visit, the House of Howell was still on its soft opening. We were told that they also have plans of holding art classes and workshops in the gallery soon! Looking forward to going back to the House of Howell on full force. :) I wish they'll have art film viewings and pottery classes!

For more information and announcements about the House of Howell, like their Facebook page here.


  1. I think it is a nice place to visit with. Thankyou for giving me a good idea of a place where I can go soon. I am now planning on going to this place so I can relax my mind and enjoy the place. Since I really loves art especially paintings. Thank you for sharing this place with me! <33

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