All About Boracay Transfers (Caticlan Airport to Hotel, Vice Versa) + Why I Prefer Booking In Advance

Monday, March 07, 2022

While planning for your Boracay trip, make sure to also research on your transfers from the airport to your accommodation (and vv). 

As we all know, the journey does not end the moment your plane lands at the Caticlan Airport. You still have to travel via land-water-land to get to the White Beach area where hotels and resorts are usually located.

There are 3 different options for Boracay Transfers, namely: 

1. Pure Commute - DIY, of course, is the most budgetarian option. Just cross the airport to the designated tricycle stand, head for the port, ride the boat, and then take another e-tricycle to your accommodation. In between, you have to pay for the Terminal fees (PHP100) and Environmental fees (PHP150 local/PHP300 foreign). 

Rate per ride, of course, are also separate payments so they say that you can actually bargain for cheaper rates to the driver (although hindi din ako comfortable tumawad pa hehe).

I did not consider this option because, first, I was carrying a huge luggage with me which I find a hassle to lug around the multiple stops while figuring out the next steps. And second, I was also trying to avoid taking out and receiving cash several times since it's still pandemic. Lastly, especially when heading back to Manila, you have to be time conscious to avoid missing your flight.

2. Book for Your Transfers on the Spot - A friend told me that they just looked for a transfer operator when they already reached the airport. Since it's last minute, rates are usually cheaper but only by a few pesos. Get ready to wait in line and still pay for environmental fees. I did not pick this option since almost same din naman siya ng pre-booked...

3. Pre-book Transfers via Klook - For my recent 2 Boracay trips, I availed Klook's Godofredo P. Ramos Airport Transfers (MPH) for Boracay at Php 500+ one way. What I like about this is that you don't have to think about anything, you just follow your transfers operator from the airport to your accommodation (and vice versa). And since mag isa ako, I also like it that someone will make sure (since mas alam nila ang time allotments) na hindi ako maiiwan ng plane pauwi haha!

The Klook listing that I booked:

Varying prices during my two recent Boracay trips:

Feb 2022:

October 2021:


I usually book my transfers around 2 days prior my flight to Boracay. I am confused by their Roundtrip offer coz parang roundtrip is literal on that same day din ang balik ko (I can only click one date), but anyway, around Php 10 lang difference so I book nalang my to-from transfers separately:

[Standard] One Way Caticlan Airport to Hotel Transfer

[Standard] One Way Hotel to Caticlan Airport Transfer

Package Inclusions + Notes:

- English-speaking driver 

- Fuel fees 

- Luggage allowance 

- Insurance provided by the operator 

- Meet and greet service 

- Shared land and boat transfer Terminal fees (PHP100/way) 

- Environmental fees (PHP150 local/PHP300 foreign) 

- Boat ticket

- Free cancellation - 24 hours notice 

- No need to print out, just show screenshot of voucher 

- 45 Min Duration 

- Fixed date ticket 

Here are some of my personal notes during the transfers:

1. Day before my flight, a staff texted to confirm my flight details (arrival schedule, name of hotel). A+ for this service coz it adds to my peace of mind that everything is ready for my trip. They also texted me a day before my flight heading back to Manila.

2. Klook's Boracay transfers is with Island Star Express, so just look for their booth at the airport right after the bag drop and before exiting the arrivals. You can ask a guard or any random booth if your'e not sure, both times they pointed me to the right one. Island Star Express' kiosk is at the far left before the airport exit, and their staff are often in bright green and orange uniforms. They will scan your confirmed booking from the Klook app (no need to print).

3. The transfers costed me around Php 528-557 one way, paid online already so hindi na ako naglalabas ng wallet. Except for tips. 

Usually naman, your assigned van or bus driver will help with your luggage, but there are transfers such as crossing or heading out of the boat where porters take charge. They are not under Island Star Express, so on my first time I said no and just carried my luggage na ang bigat bigat pala lalo pag tatawid nung tiny wooden plank sa boat, haha. Anyway, on my second trip I know better na, and just made sure to have loose bills on my pockets (Php 20-50) in case my tita-ness can't carry na my own stuff haha huhu. How to pack light po? 😅

(Second photo) Heading to my recent hotel (Midtown) was a bit difficult especially with a luggage, but Island Star Express already had someone waiting for me when I got dropped off by the multicab!

4. While purchasing for your transfers via Klook, you will already input details like your hotel, your flight arrival time, etc. Fixed na yan. From Caticlan airport, no waiting time naman since usually madami kayo from that flight na umavail ng transfer. 

Heading home though, from your Boracay hotel to the airport, Island Star Express will help you estimate ideal time for pick-up para hindi ka mahuli sa flight. I took the 5:30pm flight of Cebu Pacific, and my pick-up is around 1pm. Medyo maaga, but I guess just enough din for all the transfers + required airport check-in allowance na hindi ngaragan.

The Transfer Process with Klook / Island Star Express

Okay, so from the airport, they will give you a square sticker you will put anywhere visible on your clothing. Ang galing, never nila ako or any passengers nakakaligtaan since. 

You will then take a van, coaster, or bus going to the ferry (transpo depends on number of passengers). Group transfers ito so keep your mask on at all times padin. They also have private transfers option (ideal for groups) but mas mahal (Around Php 4200).

At the port, Island Star Express will assist you to a line where you will show your ID and scan your Health Declaration QR. After that, take a seat anywhere, and Island Star Express will approach you to check your hotel details on their clipboard. Dito na nila grinugroup yung magkakasama later sa multicab.

Usually, mahabang upo pa ito while waiting for your boat, but ang galing ng Island Star Express they always spot me wherever I go. They will call you when it's your boat na. 

At the boat, they will give you a laminated card with your assigned seat number. Just follow your seat number accordingly to avoid hassles. Also, whether you get a porter or you'll carry your own things, make sure to still keep an eye on your belongings at all times. Generally safe naman all my transfers experiences, but just to avoid any mishaps like mix-ups nadin. 

Lastly, from the port, there will be a multicab assigned to you and passengers nearer your hotel stop. 

Side Kwento

During my recent trip, I'm glad na sa unahan ako napaupo coz the multicab (parang jeep na aircon) was full than usual. I had the chance to chat with our multicab driver, na nafeel ko talaga sobrang excited to have more tourists in the island. 

During our short ride to my hotel, we talked about the different accommodations (ang maharlika kasi nung sa mga kasama ko haha), Boracay's current weather (medyo maulan, and lumot season ang February), and how they are ready for the summer season's guests. I am so happy for the locals, for the people who are so excited to get back to work, and I really hope that this is the start of our travel industry's recovery. Looking forward din ako with you Kuya, sincerely, for the comeback of Boracay's golden era.

Photos are from both my October 2021 and February 2022 Trips 

(Thus the face shield in some photos, currently hindi na sya required)

Traveled from Manila to Caticlan via Cebu Pacific Air

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