Budget Hotel in Boracay: Boracay Midtown Hotel | 5D4N for Php 2800 only!

Thursday, March 03, 2022

While looking for a place to stay in Boracay, I was deciding if I should get a luxury hotel / resort for a change. 

I arranged the Agoda listing from lowest to highest price (out of habit), and chanced upon Boracay Midtown Hotel, one of the places I've been eyeing since last year but ended up not getting (I stayed at the Hannah Hotel instead because it's in Station 1). Surprise, surprise, the rate for their Superior Single Room at that time was only around Php 500+ per night. I immediately let go of my plans of staying in a luxury hotel, and just booked this place right away. 



Boracay Midtown Hotel is located in Station 2. With its price, of course it is not beachfront but hindi din sya super layo like yung Hannah Hotel na you have to cross the main road pa. Para syang asa likod ng mga beachfront hotels but with a quarter or even less of its price.

From past reviews, guests mentioned that locals were not familiar with the hotel. But during my trip, it seems like kilala na nila where Boracay Midtown is. My transfers knew where it was, and even assisted me with my luggage coz from the road it was quite a walk pa (lalo pag may maleta). And nasa Google Maps nadin sya. 

In case you'll have difficulty locating the hotel, from the road just look for the Kolai Mangyan restaurant, and across it the Don Ciriano S Tirol Sr Memorial Hospital. The road next to it leads to the hotel. 

Meanwhile from the beach, just take the tiny "tunnel" in between Boracay de Paris and Mandarin Spa. 

According to reviews, it is safe naman to cross the tunnel even at night, but I didn't dare try na haha. Instead, I walked nalang or took a tric from the road-side pag gabi na, and hopped off pag nakita ko na yung hospital. Medyo madilim din yung lakad from the road but at least hindi sya tunnel level! I just kept my phone flashlight on the whole time.

I tried pala the tunnel ng daytime just for the sake of experiencing it, haha! Kahit umaga medyo nakaka bother sya for me haha. May time na may makakasalubong ka talaga, and there was a time mag isa ako tapos ang usok / foggy coz I think may nag babarbecue sa place above it.

Fear factor yarn? Hahaha, passed through the "tunnel" to the white beach during daytime:

Overall, though, okay yung location nya and almost nag lalakad lang ako for this trip. Going to Bulabog Beach, D-Mall, and the White Beach was easier compared to when I stayed in Hannah (Station 1). Lesser gastos din sa tricycle fares.


As mentioned above, I was able to book my hotel for a really low price via Agoda. Published rate at that time was only around Php 500+ per night for a Superior Single Room. With the taxes and other service fees, the total for 5D4N is around PHP 2,925.39. Then hindi pa doon nag tatapos lol, I was also able to use an ongoing promo code (TRAVEL2022), so the final price I paid is only Php 2800 all in! 

Some tips:

- Look for promo codes through Agoda's page or Facebook page, or sign up for their email newsletters to get the latest discount vouchers. 

- Cons of booking low rates is usually they have a no cancellation and no refund policy so bawal mag bago isip like me lol. Book at your own risk.

- The Superior Single Room is already good for 2. I realized that solo traveling can be expensive since I have no one to split my bills with. But oh well, ginusto ko to! 😂

- Price is just inclusive of the room stay. There are no breakfast inclusions and no toiletries in the room, so make sure to bring your own stuff or buy nalang sa nearby shops. I also took this as a chance to try local cafes for breakfast.

- They provide 2 thin towels, and 1 thin linen cloth as blanketI brought my own towel with me, and since super lamig ng aircon nila (which is good nadin), I just used the provided towels as extra blankets.

Published photo on their Agoda listing, plus the reviews. Make sure to read the reviews to manage expectations. I also recommend watching a vlog review of the Boracay Midtown Hotel in JM Banquicio's Youtube channel. Super dami na naka stay din dito!

Nakita ko lang sa bedside table that they have a menu in case you want to eat in your room:


1. As mentioned earlier, walkways leading to the hotel, whether from the road or beach, were dark and a bit intimidating for a solo female traveler like me. Take extra precautions, or decide if this is something na kaya mo naman. If pair or group kayo, baka better. As for me, hindi ko alam talaga san ko nakuha itong tapang ko hahaha!

2. Another negative review during my stay was ang LAMIG ng tubig. When I got back in my room on my first night, I just wanted to take a hot shower after a long day of being in transit. Twisted and turned the faucet, and waited for the shower to adjust its temp, pero waley talaga huhu.

To be fair, restroom is relatively clean and super white! 

I asked about it the next day, baka hindi lang na-on yung main switch, and found out sira talaga yun water heater daw nila at that time. Sana hindi lagi ganito. It was harder during my trip coz rainy plus there's still covid so kailangan talaga maligo at night. Tiis tiis nalang sa cold showers! Naalala ko nun first cold shower ko, I was conditioning myself na "merong health benefits to.." LOL.

3. There were no elevators in this hotel, and all rooms are on upper floors, reception area lang yung asa ground. Buti nalang din second floor lang ako, and the staff during check-in assisted me in carrying my luggage upstairs.

Sorry ang foggy ng photo, kakalabas ko lang from aircon room:

Full length mirror along the hallway, leading to the stairs:

4. Not an issue for me, but as mentioned earlier they will just provide you with a place to stay. So make sure to bring or buy your own toiletries, etc. The blanket was super nipis and malamig ang aircon, so make sure to bring your own in case lamigin kayo.


1. First of all, the budget rate! Super swak talaga para sa nag titipid. And for the price, it seems like you're staying nadin in a hotel with your own private room and bath. Naka aircon ka pa! It's every budget solo traveler's dream!

2. Their door uses keycard, and I felt safe naman while I was there. You also place the keycard sa port for the room's electricity to function, and also to automatically shutdown electricity nadin when you have to go out. Okay sakin to, save electricity! 

3. Room also has a TV and kettle, but I didn't get to use them. No ref pala, pero ok lang naman sakin. Wifi is also okay, was able to use it on my laptop and phone for browsing and uploading on IG. Didn't have an online class or Zoom event so I wasn't able to fully test the Wifi speed.

4. Space was verrrry well maximized. There was no closet, but instead, a metal bar with hangers where I hung my wet clothes, mask, etc. There's enough space for all my stuff. I think the mirrors made the room bigger, too!

Naalala ko this morning, super good vibes ng gising ko! Picked up my headset, blasted good music, and just enjoyed the sunny day in one of my favorite places in the world! 

5. Even though it's just a box room, ventilation is good. Hindi nakaka claustro or suffocate. There's a small window next to my bed for natural lighting to come in in the morning. 

6. Staff were nice, and kahit hindi sila present sa counter 24/7, they have a walkie talkie sa counter where you can communicate with them. 

One night tinamad na ako dumaan sa minimart for water, so I radioed them through the walkie talkie and got a response right away! I was able to purchase a huge bottle of drinking water for only PHP 150 (nun first night bumili pako ng maliit na water sa Budget Mart). The water was already in the counter, and then I just paid via Gcash.

Hotels now have super late check-in (3pm), but when I arrived in Boracay Midtown around 12nn, they were able to accommodate me right away. I think it depends din if hotel is full but buti din hindi na ako nag antay.

Ito yung walkie talkie:

7. Lastly, super daming sockets! If you have a lot of gadgets like laptop, camera, and phone with you whenever you travel, or group kayo, super plus points hindi kayo mauubusan ng pag chachargean dito. Tried to take pictures of all the electrical outlets in my room, but may mga hindi pa kasama dito:


Someone messaged me on Instagram after I gave him several disclaimers about my Boracay Midtown cold showers and dark pathway experiences: "Ok nadin, san ka ba makakakita ng ganyang hotel rates?" 

Location is okay, bed is comfy, and generally the room exceeded expectations if we base it on the price. But will I stay here again? Most prob I will look for another hotel to try! 

I actually wasn't able to use my last night in Boracay Midtown because at the last minute before my flight to Caticlan, I decided to book for another hotel para may onting pasarap on my last night (yung may pool!). And since sale price ko nakuha yung Boracay Midtown, no refunds na and buti nalang hindi din super bigat.

I think it was my first time transferring from a budget hotel to a resort type in just one trip. I know expected naman, pero grabe talaga yung difference. Nagiging tita na ba talaga ako? 😂 I now appreciate yung may automatic na mag aassist with my stuff, may drinking water na sa room, yun complete ang tissue, toiletries, coffee and tea, and yung may hot showers (lol). I'm afraid magkaka time talaga na hindi ko na kayanin ang the hostel life, huhuhu. But I am glad that I am maximizing every experiences--while I can, and for this trip, I got to experience AND enjoy both.

More Info:
Travel Dates: Feb 21-25, 2022
Booked via Agoda around Feb 4, 2022
Airline: Cebu Pacific Air
Transfers: Booked via Klook

Will post about my resort accommodation next!


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