Buwakan Ni Alejandra: Flower Garden in Cebu

Friday, April 15, 2022

Another year without a spring trip, I made sure to look for a place where the flowers bloom when I had the opportunity to travel for work in Cebu (back story here). 


I've been to other flower gardens in Cebu during my past travels (Sirao, Terrazas De Flores), but here's another site you can also look into on your next trip down south. Buwakan Ni Alejandra is a long hour trip away from the city, but a refreshing stop after being stuck in the house for so long. I love that they have a nice variety of flowers, including hydrangeas which remind me of rainy season in Japan! 

The literal translation of its name is "Alejandra's Flower Garden" in Cebuano. 

"The name “Buwakan ni Alejandra” (Alejandra’s Flower Garden) was derived from the Visayan word “buwakan” which means “flower garden” and "Alejandra" is the mother of the owners. The name was given in honor of Alejandra’s love for flowers."

I went alone, but was still able to enjoy the photogenic sceneries. Weather was really nice during my visit, with blue skies and sunshine. I saw online that during colder or rainy season, the view is still beautiful with fog enveloping the garden! I think I stayed for a good hour just taking pictures with all the flowers and mountain view.

They also have a guide in the vicinity who can take your pictures for you and your group with minimal tip, but I was able to accomplish my photo ops through selfies or with the help of my tripod and self-timer phone cam. There were only a few groups when I visited (yey!), and I also saw an ongoing prenup group while I was there. So basically Buwakan Ni Alejandra is a photo spot in Cebu. 

Is this somewhere you would plan to go to during your travel? If you love taking pictures or creating content then this place is for you. It's a bit far, but entrance fee is affordable and worth the sights. If you just want to relax, then there are more nearby places in the city that you can go to instead.

Photo zones everywhere!

You can also buy plants or seedlings in Buwakan ni Alejandra. I wasn't able to eat na, but I also saw this small resto where you can rest, freshen up, and eat before your next stop. Restrooms are also available.


Entrance to the garden is PHP 75 for Adults, and PHP 50 for Kids, PWD, and Seniors. They are open everyday from 7am to 6pm.


I was able to go to Buwakan Ni Alejandra by renting a taxi from my hotel (Summit Galleria Cebu) to 2 destinations for PHP 2500. The driver was very patient, and just waited for me outside the places I requested, so I felt safe and traveled without worries. 

He also offered other destinations so the rate I paid for can actually go a long way, but was tired that day and only wanted the two stops so I said it's fine. You can ask your hotel receptionist for assistance in case you are willing to shell out for a taxi transpo on your spontaneous Cebu trip!

From what I've read, you can also commute to Buwakan Ni Alejandra via V-hire from Ayala Center Terminal going to Balamban, but have no experience in this so I can't share much. Buwakan Ni Alejandra is also Wazeable, so you can also drive to the location (take note though that signal was intermittent when we reached the higher areas where Buwakan Ni Alejandra is located).

Overall, I am so happy to have been to this flower garden in Cebu in time for spring season in other places around the world. For someone who loves seeing blooms and spring, this place in Cebu is so beautiful, and at the same time energizing and healing. 

Buwakan Ni Alejandra

Brgy. Gaas, Balamban, Cebu


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