How to choose your next job: Some questions to ask yourself!

Monday, June 27, 2022

Have you applied, successfully interviewed, and are now wondering if you should actually take the job? How to choose between several offers, if the opportunity arises? What good questions should you ask yourself in order to choose your next job… the job in which you will thrive?

Just focus on the following questions:

1. What type of business am I comfortable in: small SMEs or large, internationally renowned companies do not work in the same way. Between initiative and versatility on the one hand, process rigor and specialization on the other, which side does your heart swing in when choosing your next job?

2. What is my market value: by knowing your value on the labor market (what your skills, your seniority, your background are worth) you will be able to determine whether the proposal drawn up by the company is fair or not.

3. What am I "working on": does your motivation revolve around salary, challenge, recognition from your employer, the quality of your relationships with your colleagues, or even the balance between private and professional life?

4. What does my total remuneration include, not forgetting the benefits in kind: reimbursement of transport, restaurant tickets, number of RTT, professional computer or mobile, company car, collective or individual bonuses, thirteenth month, participation, profit-sharing, dynamism of the works council...

5. How is the company doing: a financial aspect, but on the employer's side to choose your next job. Is the business healthy? Has it suffered from the economic situation? Is it in danger of being redeemed? To undergo a plan of reorganization, dismissal, etc. ?

6. Does the sector of activity interest me: from one sector to another, the same profession is likely to embody very different missions. An example: the job of Product Manager, which necessarily depends on the offer developed by the company! On the other hand, be aware that companies in the same sector tend to seek candidates who already have experience in this field. Be careful not to be "tagged" from the start, if you don't like the domain in question!

7. How do I do my job there: again, depending on the core business of the company, the same profession will take on different facets. In addition, each company has its own working methods and, unless you have been called in for a total overhaul of these, you will have to comply with them.

8. What strategic skills will I acquire: your training is continuous across a career, and redoing in a new position what you were already doing in the previous one is not the most strategic choice. If the skills you think you are acquiring are not technical, maybe they are managerial, human? In which case, we are talking about soft skills… these skills of the future.

9. Does this position respect my career plan: to choose your next job, one of the main questions is to ask yourself about your career plan. In this, it joins question 6), on the sector of activity, but not only: your missions, the skills that you will acquire, the responsibilities that you will be entrusted with... will all of this allow you to follow the career plan you have set for yourself?

And to end this article, we recommend these top companies to work for in the Philippines. Thank you for reading!

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