SF9 Rowoon Fan Meeting in Manila, Philippines

Saturday, July 23, 2022

A few weeks ago, I went to my second live Korean fan meeting here in Manila. Globe Telecoms had a promo for their subscribers where you can win a free pass to the event in MOA Arena. I thought everyone will get a ticket because the venue is HUGE, but my sister's number didn't get a text message! Anyway, I was lucky that my Ate's number got a text, and I was able to claim a Patron Ticket in SM Southmall before running out of good seats.

Anyway, during the event day, I met up with Jacque in Coffee Bean just a few hours before the show started (I just met Jacque during the Bicol tourism event, and we clicked right away!). There's fixed seating number for everyone, so no need to line up or get in the venue as early as possible. I also had time to eat a heavy meal in CBTL. 

We met up with Ashley at the entrance, bought popcorn and drinks, and proceeded inside the venue. Our seats were the farthest we had in a while since we had no choice already when we got our raffle ticket numbers. Oh well, the show is for free technically, aangal pa ba ako! Haha!

The show's host is the energetic and also a co-multistan fan girl Ms. Kring Kim. I often watched her vlogs and even listened to her All Things K joint podcast with her husband during the pandemic, which made me dream a lot more about traveling back to Korea. I was also seatmates with her during the Kpop concert in Gwangju which included BTS, TXT, and Twice! Anyway, she did a really good job hyping the MOA Arena crowd!

Rowoon, oh Rowoon! Even though my seat was too far to actually see his expressions and actions, he felt so sincere and humble. I enjoyed the different segments Globe prepared for this fan meeting, including the usual trying of Filipino stuff like food, national costume, and even games (sipa and Pinoy Henyo), but my favorite I guess was his advice section. Like his role in Korean Drama Tomorrow, Rowoon has a positive outlook even with life challenges, and was very encouraging by saying that he believes that each one of us are meant to succeed by just doing our very best and not regretting anything. 

Rowoon trying on Barong, Filipino traditional clothing for men:

Rowoon played sipa, which is similar to a Korean game called jegichagi:

Rowoon's advice segment:

So much things to say about this guy, but you can also watch snippets of the clips I took during the fan meeting here:

Ending the fan meeting with a song (No Goodbye in Love, OST of The King's Affection)

With Jacque after the fan meeting, and also met Aryl--also my seatmate with during the Gwangju music festival:

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