My Favorite Childhood Board Games

Tuesday, August 30, 2022

What are your favorite games from childhood?

I have a lot of good memories playing local games like patintero and piko (similar to tag and hopscotch, respectively) in school with my classmates, and even computer games such as Super Mario and Donkey Kong at home with my sisters. We had a very well-balanced school and play life! 😄

From physical and computer games, I also saw myself getting into board games which is more strategic. I love that getting into these games weren't just all fun, but also filled of life lessons (sometimes unconsciously you pick up along the way). Here are some of the good things kids learn from playing board games with their friends and family:

1. Accept defeat with grace, you win some you lose some and that's okay!

2. Be mindful of rules and regulations. What's a win if you cheated or weren't honest.

3. Plan and think ahead, analyze your next winning move. You might need to sacrifice something to get to the next step or level.

4. Strategies are built from experience. You need a lot of experience to get new ideas and techniques for the next games.

5. Lastly, although one should never give up, winning isn't also everything. Be a good winner (and loser). You can always start again! 

With that said, here are my personal top 3 favorite board games from childhood that got me nostalgic, some are available in digital version via this free online games website.


I remember my favorite chess board. It was a small, magnetic version that I can bring with me everywhere. I have a photo of it on a hotel pool, playing with my dad! I really loved chess before, that I even asked mom to buy me a book on chess with all the moves, techniques, and trivia! I tried playing this online chess version now, competing against the computer, and glad I haven't forgotten the rules and required moves!


Before The Sims and Animal Crossing, there is Monopoly where you have to earn and build your empire to win the game! This game game me my first taste of bankruptcy (hoho), and buying and trading properties. It's a classic board game that I played with my cousins during Christmas reunions, and a game that I would like to play again even at this age!


Now this game reeeaally took me back to my childhood! I am glad that I found Snakes and Ladders' digital version online and tried playing it again! You can play with other humans or with the computer. It's a very competitive and exciting game where players race to 100th box, getting past hurdles (Chutes) and aiming for the shortcuts (Ladders). 

These games are actually perfect for 90s themed get-togethers, especially in the coming holidays. All we need is a playlist of our favorite boybands and R&B groups, wear floor-sweepers and platform shoes, and install computers for photo booths and these online boardgames for instant entertainment ... I am sure my friends would love to party like it's 1995!

Ending with a photo from a 90s themed event from years back, hehehe. Spot the Troll, Lego, and Pop-Swatch!

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