Golden Haven Celebrates Its 38th Anniversary

Monday, October 10, 2022

Golden Haven, the most trusted name in the Philippine deathcare industry and developer of the country’s most beautiful memorial parks, is marking its 38th anniversary this month. It is a milestone that is fittingly celebrated by touting itsnumerous impressive accomplishments through the years.


Established in 1984 with the opening of its first-ever memorial park in Las Piñas, Golden Haven is steadfastly pursuing its goal of having a themed memorial park in every key town and city nationwide. It now has over thirtybeautiful locations in its fast expanding portfolio, and presently offers a premium selection of memorial products—from lawn lots to garden niches to columbarium vaults to its posh family estates and mausoleums.


Each memorial park of Golden Haven is found in vast, sprawling, and exquisitely landscaped terrain that boasts verdant greenery and an unmistakable air of tranquility. For the families of the dearly departed, the serene setting evokes the fondest memories of their loved ones, fosters emotional healing, and eases their pain of loss.


To this day, Golden Haven continues to expand its reachby opening more parks all around the Philippines. One could say that Golden Haven is resolute in its vision to help preserve memories, build legacies, and createbeautiful endings and hopeful beginnings.


As the hardworking men and women of Golden Havenlook back on the company’s historic thirty-eight years of existence, they deserve to share in the celebration of its supreme accomplishments, among which are its numerous awards and recognition; its innovative service offerings; its environmentally friendly upgrades in services and their locales; its excellent customer care; and in its lineup of premium yet affordable product options and low capital requirement, making investing easy for finance-savvy Overseas Filipino Workers and young professionals.


Having long transitioned to online systems so that customers may pursue transactions wherever they may be, Golden Haven has thoughtfully extended the sameworld-class service to its sellers and sales agents bylaunching the country’s first and only seller’s app made for a memorial park service provider. The app now helpssellers access resources and check their sales commissions at any given time.


Finally, Golden Haven recently introduced its latest service offering called Flexihaven, which allows customers to use their purchase in any of more than 30 Golden Haven Memorial Parks all over the country. Flexihaven likewisenables customers to take advantage of the excellent investments on offer at Golden Haven. Prospective property seekers can come in at a low cost but with a proven high return on their investments. 


Indeed, despite the hurdles spawned by a global crisisGolden Haven has stayed ahead of the curve, making it entirely deserving of its reputation as the most prominent institution in the deathcare field.


Even as Golden Haven revels in the company’s peerless achievementsit continues to aspire for moreEmelia Lustado, operations head at Golden Haven, shares the company’s vision for the years to come: Golden Haven has been and always will be a company that strives for excellence. In the following years, we will continue to upgrade our services–from improving our memorial parks and making them even more beautiful, to improving our processes to ensure our clients' and sellers’ seamless transactions. 


In line with this, we will also expand our geographical reach to more cities and municipalities and provide more Filipinos with world-class yet affordable memorial products and services, also providing jobs and assisting in improving our fellow Filipinos’ financial position.



About Golden Haven

Golden Haven Memorial Park is a subsidiary company of publicly listed Villar-owned Golden MV Holdings Inc.Currently positioned as one of the largest real estate companies in the country. Golden Haven offers premium death care services and prime memorial lots. It is dubbed as the most lucrative real estate investment with an average of 20% annual value appreciation.


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Golden Haven commits to the safety of both our clients and employees. We are now offering online services for our admin transactions. Choose from the services on our website through our online service page to schedule your appointments. You may also get in touch with us for any of your concerns.


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