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Monday, November 07, 2022

I finally got an opportunity to go on a DMZ Tour again sponsored by and K Story Tour, an English friendly tour booking website. It has been ages since my last visit of the Korean Demilitarized Zone, and a lot has changed already.


"The demilitarized zone (DMZ) is a border barrier that divides the peninsula roughly in half. It was established to serve as a buffer zone between the countries of North Korea and South Korea under the provisions of the Korean Armistice Agreement in 1953, an agreement between North Korea, China, and the United Nations Command." (SOURCE)

I can't remember these bronze statues of short-haired girls seated straight on a chair, with their hands on their laps from my last DMZ trip. So I was surprised to see two Statue of Peace at the rail tracks in Imjingak. It was striking to me after seeing it in the most heartbreaking episode of the KDrama Tomorrow, a grim reminder of the comfort women, victims of sexual slavery, during the Japanese military during World War II.

Aside from these, I learned a whole lot more from this DMZ Tour. If anything, I truly admire the South Koreans for having these museums commemorating citizens they've lost because of this ongoing war. We have a lot to learn from them in preserving their history and remembering the TRUTH.

Odusan Observatory

Odusan Observatory is an observatory where you can see North Korea directly through a telescope! 

The difference from my last visit in 2016 is that they now have DIGITAL telescopes that you can use for free. You can pinch and zoom the screens to see the villages and houses where North Koreans actually live. If you are in luck, you can even see North Koreans passing by on a bicycle. 

Displayed on the first and second floors of the Odusan Observatory are letters, photos, stories, and artworks where you can see and feel how the Korean people long for their families stuck in the North or died due to the great divide. This is to commemorate loved ones they never got to see again.

A digital lantern where you can write messages to friends and families in North Korea. A piano with barbed wire as strings, an artistic take on the hardships of this war.

An interesting wall showing the different transportations in North Korea's major city Pyongyang.

Imjingak Dokgae Bridge/Bunker

In this area of the DMZ, I was able to see an actual train, and even the train tracks that was supposed to connect the North and South but was destroyed during the war. The place is very informative, you will really learn a lot about this long-time conflict.

During my first DMZ visit in 2016, our group went down and passed through the Third Infiltration Tunnel, but this time we went through a bunker where you can see mementos and videos, and even step on a broken land mine. 😅

Imjingak Observatory DMZ Gondola

Last stop for the DMZ tour is the new DMZ Gondola! Aside from seeing the DMZ vicinity from bird's eye-view, we were also treated with a lovely view of Korea during the autumn season.

At the end of the ride, you can go around the DMZ Park, or have lunch or coffee in some of the restaurants and cafes. I also met a new content creator friend through this cable car, Nani from Columbia (but living in Seoul already). We had a lot to talk about on Korean cafes, our love for Korean culture, and our own countries, over our pasta and iced coffee!

About this Tour:




  • Round-trip transportation 
  • English speaking driver (staff) 
  • Entrance Fees


  • Pick up from Seoul (Myeongdong or Hongdae)
  • Odusan Observatory
  • Imjingak Observatory DMZ Gondola
  • imjingak Dokgae Bridge/Bunker
  • Heyri Art Village Modern History Museum
  • Paju Premium Outlets
  • Head back to Seoul (Myeongdong or Hongdae)


  • Meals 
  • Other personal expenses 
  • Travel Insurance

Instead of just the DMZ stop, our group went on a 2D1N tour with The DMZ is just a part of the tour, but I already saw a lot and even learned more about this side of Korea's story. After the DMZ, we even went to Pocheon and Gapyeong (Nami Island)--which are both stunning during autumn! 

Our tour guide Dony was also very informative and helpful throughout our trip. He said that this itinerary isn't the typical "Ppali! Ppali!" (faster!) tours, but one where you can relax and fully absorb each stop. So I highly recommend it for you too!

RATE FOR 2D/1N TOUR: Php 7865 for 1 / Php 13,094 for 2

LINK:  Gyeonggi-do: DMZ + Pocheon + Nami Island 2D1N Tour from Seoul


  • Round-trip transportation 
  • English speaking driver (staff) 
  • Entrance Fee 
  • 1 Night Stay Hotel Gallery Pocheon (double room with breakfast)



  • Pick up from Seoul (Myeongdong or Hongdae)
  • Odusan Observatory
  • Imjingak Observatory DMZ Gondola
  • Imjingak Dokgae Bridge/Bunker
  • Lunch (own Expense)
  • Apple Picking
  • Pocheon Herb Island
  • Dinner
  • Hotel Check-in Gallery Pocheon (double room with breakfast)

DAY 2 

  • Breakfast + Check-out
  • Pocheon Art Valley
  • Nami Island 
  • Petite France / Italian Village 
  • Depart for Seoul

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