All I Want For Christmas...

Saturday, December 24, 2022

Christmas Eve! Finally, time in front of my computer to just write and to let things sink in as another year is coming to an end.

I did not realise how time flew by since that day the world shut down, I was staring outside my room's window in my self-imposed quarantine (was afraid I got the flu, but turned out I was just major paranoid at that time huhu). Since then, I've had travel invites around the Philippines, and had personal travel in and out of the country too (which I truly loved). Some habits and interests died, some new values formed. And since we have another chance again to restart along with our calendars.. Here's to being self-aware in what else I want and need in my life...

1. I want to bring back my blogging groove.

When it comes to travel assignments, I still blog on time because I am serious when it comes to work and not letting people down. Although I have to admit, I have lost touch when it comes to making it more personal, I really tried my best to be the informative type. Meanwhile, I haven't even blogged half way of my Autumn in Korea trip. I have lost the mojo of writing things down right away. I hope I can blog more next year, and I hope to produce those lengthy posts again with a heart.

2. I want to travel more.

Korea, Japan, Boracay, or somewhere else, I hope this nomadic lifestyle continues. Solo, as work, or with family and friends.. I hope I get to discover new things to love, or rekindle old faves. And I hope it won't just be to travel for the gram, but one filled with purpose and lessons. 

3. I want to be more financially stable.

The pandemic really took its toll on me, it changed my lifestyle. Lost some work, gained new projects, but I think I really got overboard with the whole "budol" culture of the internet. Online shopping became a therapy that I still get shocked over my Shopee year-end recap! 

I've watched somewhere that the best way to save is to have an end goal, since humans are naturally milestones or goal-oriented. By targeting a certain amount, let's say when 2023 ends I want to save X amount of money, saving up becomes more realistic than just having no end in sight. You can then divide this X amount to the number of months in a year--getting bite-sized targets monthly. You can compute this with a personal savings goal calculator. Considering the inflation, aside from being more in control of my finances, I hope to also get more projects next year!

4. I want to watch my favorite Kpop groups!

I thought my concert wish list ended in 2017 when I finally saw Goo Goo Dolls and Coldplay that same year. But in 2018, when I fell down the Kpop rabbit hole, the list got longer again! 😅 I think it's a good thing though, having new dreams made working hard and hustling daily worth it again. 

Will be starting off with my first trip this year in Thailand for the Golden Disk Awards to see ENHYPEN, SKZ, New Jeans, Treasure, Seventeen, and so much more artists! Aside from my obvious faves BTS and ASTRO, I really really want to see as much Kpop groups as I can--from IU to TWICE to BLACKPINK to The Rose, etc... this multi wants to see them all! 😁 

Aside from those, of course good health and better relationships with family, friends, and myself are already given. Let's enjoy another year given to us filled with dreams by being healthy and truly happy. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everyone! Sincerely, thank you for staying and growing with me through the years. ❤

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