BORAHAE BUSAN: BTS Week + Busan Travel Guide

Sunday, January 01, 2023

October 12-17, 2022

Another memorable part of this long Korea trip is heading to Busan for "BTS Week". We went there earlier to avoid the crowd we were anticipating (advance mag isip), but I realized how Korea's transportation system was sooo good that it didn't bother the other ARMYs who travelled just in time for the concert. Super commendable, mapapa sanaol nalang ako!

Asiad Stadium in Busan, South Korea, the venue of BTS' historic FREE concert


I exited Daegu with the help of the guesthouse owner who called a taxi for me going to the bus terminal. The cab driver was also so helpful, dropping me off at the side of the building where there's an escalator (while trying to explain to me in Korean that the main entrance only has stairs). I will never forget these small acts of kindness from Daegu people! 

Bus to Busan was smooth, and took only around past an hour. I really love traveling around Korea by bus, that feeling of relief and excitement when you've finally reached your assigned seat (best when it's next to the window!), and then you just stare outside wondering which part of SK you're in already. Plus points for rest stops where I make sure to get authentic Korean snacks!

The bus terminal in Busan, took a cab to my accommodation.

❤ NOTES: Travel time to Busan from Seoul via bus is still the most affordable, but it will take more than 4 hours on the road. It is highly recommended to either fly in via JejuAir (what I did during my first visit), or take the KTX (train) albeit the higher fares. Travel time is a little past 2 hours, or half the time versus riding a bus. Just weigh pros and cons that you can afford.


Anyway, ride to Busan was short with no stopovers, in no time I can already see signs of Haeundae Beach--the area where we'll be staying. I had a hard time hailing a cab from the Busan bus terminal, but konting patience lang talaga. Later on, I made sure to figure out how I can download and open a Kakao T account. Make sure to do this before your flight for the OTP set-up! Kakao T (taxi hailing app) was really helpful for the rest of my Korea trip.

Almost 80% of the time we rode a bus to go around Busan

NOTES: I also used T-Money card around Busan. Although I am a more train kind of girl, in Busan the best way to travel is really by bus since the stops are nearer (lesser walks!). We also used Kakao T taxi hailing app a lot pag tamad na mag lakad.

Also, if given the chance to go back to Busan, will book the Busan tours via Klook to see all the touristy stuff in just a day, minus the hassles of navigating. 


My friends Paxie and Tracy were already in Busan when I arrived, they travelled the night before and arrived during the wee hours in the morning. They went out for a while to eat, so I missed them when I reached the condo we will be staying in for 6 days. We definitely saved up a lot on accommodation expenses while in Busan since Paxie's Korean friend allowed us to use his family's place while he was also traveling (THANK YOU!). 

A peek of the condo we stayed in Busan, just one station away from Haeundae Beach

The place was nice and homey, I dropped my stuff before heading out to the beach to meet my friends. It was just my first day in Busan, and the city was already welcoming. I had a lot of Busan unfinished business from my last trip in 2018, I am really glad to be back. Plus, the city was suddenly painted purple.

Notes: Where to stay in Busan? Busan is HUGE that you have to be strategic where you book your accommodation. Most tourist places we went to took around an hour to reach. Aside from of course checking nearby train or bus stations, my recommended areas are Haeundae Beach for view of the beach (stayed here 2x already), or Nampo-dong for more shops and restos ala Myeongdong of Seoul. We also stayed near Busan Station latter part of this trip. The area offers a lot of very affordable hotel rooms, and location wise it's easier to go back to Seoul. 

Nice to see you again, Haeundae Beach!

Around Nampo-dong: Food trip, BIFF, shopping, fireworks


Sharing highlights of our BTS Week in Busan.

BTS Sightings Around Haeundae Beach

❤ Met my friends in Haeundae Beach. It was a packed first day in Busan, we were met with so much surprises despite having no plans at all for this leg of the trip (except for the concert).

❤ Purple sightings around our area, we saw establishments and sponsors already setting up their BTS-themed booths. My favorite is Paradise Hotel in Haeundae Beach. They had a huge screen set-up playing BTS music videos the whole day, photo zones, and purple lights at night.

❤ Availed @korgou_official posting event, and were given the chance to pull 2 free official BTS photo cards! I got #YoonMin! 

❤ Saw Filipino celebrities Direk Joey (who is also an ARMY), and Sir Pip while heading to the TinyTan standees! 

Took so many pics and watched BTS MVs on this huge screen by Paradise Hotel Haeundae

A fun post and pick a photo card event by Korgou

Happy Jimin Day

❤ We were able to catch Jimin's Birthday V-Live back in the condo! What a surreal feeling to celebrate my bias in his hometown!

❤ For Jimin Day, we went to the beautiful Jimin Wonderland in P.Ark--a full building of Jimin tarps, standees, photo booths, and a giant outdoor balloon all created by his fans from JiminBar China!

A whole place in Busan dedicated to Jimin's birthday

Huge Jimin Tarps!

Temple-Stop in Busan

❤ In between the Bangtan stuff, we also visited Busan's Yonggungsa Temple--a beautiful temple by the sea.

D-DAY: BTS Yet To Come Concert in Busan

 Didn’t give up seeing BTS til end. After lining up for visa overnight, losing at all ticketing raffles, Paxie moving her flight coz of c*vid…I am just glad to be there at the venue despite watching from the outside "Team Labas". 

Lotte World Busan After-Party 

❤ Lotte World Busan turned purple for two nights for the BTS Yet To Come afterparty. We got our tickets in advance via Klook, and went during second day which was also our last day in Busan. Rented school uniforms, availed the rides / photo zones, and watched the fireworks as they played BTS music videos during the show.

❤ My second school uniform rental, but this time I was able to take more pictures and did it with a friend. Rental place is just walk-in inside Lotte World Busan with a fee of KRW 20,000. You can try up to 2 sets, and return them by 8pm.

Imagine a theme park filled with fellow ARMY!

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