Korean Office Drama "RACE" Clocks-In This Year Exclusively on Disney+

Thursday, January 12, 2023

Starring Lee Yeon Hee, Hong Jonghyun, Moon Sori and Chung Yunho, the upcoming series shows just how much you can achieve when no one believes in you

What Park Yoonjo lacks in qualifications and experience, she more than makes up for in tenacity and drive, but when she discovers that she was only hired for diversity reasons at her firm where her best friend Ryu Jaemin works, all hell will break loose as she sets to prove everyone wrong in RACE, a new Korean office drama coming exclusively to Disney+ this year.

In RACE, audiences can follow along as Park Yoonjo does whatever it takes to prove that she belongs in her role. Determined to succeed, Yoonjo seeks out the help of the agency’s pride and joy – the incomparable star of PR, Koo Yijung, in the hope of learning from the country’s very best. 

Starring Lee Yeon Hee (New Year Blues, Welcome to Wedding Hell) as “diversity hire” Park Yoonjo; Hong Jonghyun (Moon Lovers) as Ryu Jaemin, Yoonjo’s best friend who cares about his personal life as much as work, Moon Sori (The Handmaiden, Seoul Vibe) as Koo Yijung, the leading voice in the PR industry, and Chung Yunho (Dating On Earth) as CEO Seo Donghoon, RACE is written by acclaimed screenwriter Kim Roori (Hyena, The Ace) and directed by Lee Dongyoon (She Would Never Know, 20th Century Boy and Girl).  

First announced last month as part of an expanded slate of local APAC content at the Disney Content Showcase in Singapore, RACE joins a whole host of other eagerly anticipated Korean titles coming to Disney+ in the coming months, including the sequel to Soundtrack #1, Soundtrack #2; Call It Love; Shadow Detective Season 2 and BTS MONUMENTS: BEYOND THE STAR as well as a slew of other exciting Korean and regional titles.  

Enjoy RACE exclusively on Disney+, coming soon.

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