5 Features You Should Look for in a Good Hotel

Thursday, February 23, 2023

Looking for good accommodations for your business trip or vacation can be tricky. With so many hotels to choose from and each offering a unique hotel experience, selecting the perfect lodging that suits your needs and budget can be overwhelming. To narrow down your search quickly and efficiently, it’s useful to have a list of non-negotiables that a hotel must meet to be worth your consideration. These standards help you take an objective measure of the hotel’s features and services, so you can determine if it’s one that you’ll enjoy staying at. 

Even if hotels boast about having unique themes and amenities, your main priority is to have a comfortable stay. Of course, different people will have different expectations of what a hotel should offer, but some are generally agreed upon. If you don’t yet have your own list of requirements, consider checking your options for these five features that every good hotel should have.

Good Location

The first thing you should consider when checking out a hotel is its location. If you are traveling to a different country and don’t have your own car, you’ll likely want a hotel that offers airport transfers and is accessible via different transportation options. It should also be situated near several points of interest like museums, significant landmarks, and good restaurants. This will make it easier for you to get to and from the hotel as well as explore the destination you’re visiting without hassle.

It’s worth noting that hotels located close to popular destinations are usually pricier, but it may be worth it if you factor in the convenience of being able to visit different places with ease. You might choose a hotel that is right on the beachfront or just a short ride away from the attractions you plan to visit. A hotel with nearby shopping malls is also useful for buying souvenirs and stocking up on your travel essentials.


Well-appointed Rooms

Even if you plan to spend most of your day exploring your destination, you’ll want to stay in a hotel room that you can rest and relax in. So, before booking your reservation, make sure to visit the hotel’s website and check what amenities are included in each room. You can also read through customer reviews to see feedback from other guests about whether they enjoyed their stay.

Apart from a comfortable bed and an en-suite bathroom, most hotel rooms usually have a smart TV and a good-sized closet for you to store your things. Some will also include niceties like complimentary water, a coffee kit, bathrobes and towels, hotel slippers, and toiletries. If staying online is important to you, make sure to check if your room has a Wi-Fi connection.

Extensive Facilities and Services

Good hotels often have a handful of facilities to help make their guests’ stays more enjoyable, relaxing, and memorable. Some of the most common facilities you can find in hotels are a swimming pool, a gym, and an in-house restaurant. Other hotels even have co-working areas and meeting rooms for guests who require a quiet place to work. as well. Frequent disinfection of common areas, changing the linens regularly, and professional-level cleaning will keep the hotel free of viruses, bacteria, and vermin. You also want to make sure that common areas have security cameras and that the entrances have round-the-clock security.

Quality Customer Service

The last attribute that sets good hotels apart from the rest is outstanding customer service. When hotel staff go above and beyond to make their guests feel special or to fulfill requests, it’s a sign that the hotel values your presence. They’ll make sure that your stay in their accommodations will meet or even exceed your expectations. They’ll also treat you with the utmost professionalism, so if something doesn’t meet your standards, they’ll make sure that it’ll be properly taken care of without you having to stress so much about it.


Finding a place of accommodation is part of traveling, whether it’s for leisure or work. However, to make your travel experience more worthwhile, take care to choose a good hotel to stay at. If it meets each one of the criteria on this list, you can reasonably expect a pleasant stay and to enjoy your home away from home.


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