Cafe Magnate Busan (Coffee Shop of BTS Park Jimin's Dad)

Friday, March 17, 2023

It would have been nice if we visited Cafe Magnate during Jimin Day (initial plan), but thanks to the internet we found out early October 13 that it was already impossible to enter the cafe unless we lined up before they opened the gates. 

Since it was also the BTS Busan concert week, tourists flocked the coffee shop--some even with luggages in tow. Food were already flying out of their menu midday. Jimin's dad also gave away cute baby Jimin freebies like straws, tumblers, and tumblers.. which I wished I was able to snag. But honestly, our quiet time in the cafe a week late from Jimin Day was also nice. 

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I was here! What a dream come true!

We knew we were near the cafe when we saw these Jimin ads!

Before, I only see this facade in photos

A funny story, while walking with Paxie to Magnate (we took the train coz we came from Busan Station, but there are buses also that stops a bit nearer the cafe), we passed by a local who immediately said that Magnate is just straight ahead! He is so cute and enthusiastic, huhuhu, warmly welcoming tourists to Busan. Paxie and I were thinking that maybe he assisted a lot of ARMY during BTS week / Jimin Day, so he knew when we asked hehehe.

A long table of gifts left by fans for Jimin's birthday

Magnate's Menu (click to enlarge)

You can also pick-up some breads and pastries from this table before paying at the counter

The long table with gifts from ARMYs who visited the past weeks was still there. It greeted us the moment we opened the heavy metal door to the cafe.

We were also able to see the beautiful Jimin art portraits that were displayed at the Louvre. People at the time that we visited were mostly office workers, it was easy to take some photos as everyone's just busy minding their own business.

And the best part, we saw Jimin's dad manning the counter in his suit! :) 

Industrial chic. Magnate is also for the non-ARMYs

Art everywhere, it is a cafe that everyone will enjoy

Love these traditional looking artworks

Saw several Marilyn Monroe pop art and monkey plushies inside the cafe

Pastries and coffee were good, but a bit on the pricier side

Jimin Breadcrumbs

A shelf with some of his hats collection, and other things

Jimin JEJU Air Birthday Project by his fans in 2021

Of course, a photo with one of the Jimin artworks by South Korean artist Lee K displayed at the Louvre Museum

We took our time and ate our pastries in peace, then took pictures in some notable corners of the cafe, including the shelf with Jimin's hats collection. Aside from the BTS breadcrumbs, the cafe is also pretty with artworks displayed in strategic areas. The food and drinks I ordered were good, too!

More photos:

A place to relax in between your Busan trip

Love this pop-art wall

There's an outdoor space where Paxie and I hangout a bit

Didn't want to leave!

Thanks Magnate, and Jimin's appa!

Magnate Cafe

135, Jinnam-ro, Nam-gu, Busan, South Korea

Open daily, 10am-10pm

Nearest Subway: Line 2 (Green Line), Motgol Station Exit 4 + 15-minute walk

Bus: No. 10, 101, or 138, et off at Yeonpo Elementary School Bus Stop

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