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Monday, March 20, 2023

While browsing old spring trip blog posts, I realized that I was always traveling during this season since I first experienced Japan's famous sakura in 2015. It only stopped in 2020, because of you know what!

Looking back, maybe spring made me fall in love with traveling. ♡

My first experience of spring was in Japan in 2015. Wala padin syang katulad!

Even the while cherry blossoms are very pretty, parang cotton balls

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I love how it symbolizes the end of waiting. Finally! Warmth after the cold winter days. Time to go out, to grow, to bloom. Cities are prettier cladded with overflowing pink and white trees. I can go on and on about spring's symbolism, hehehe. No wonder "floral pathways" and "spring days" are very romanticized in our favorite Kpop songs, it really is a beautiful time of the year.

Every year, I find myself chasing for spring, sometimes a bit too early, other times a little too late. But there will always be a day or two in the whole trip when I will be blessed with its magic.

Spring is a very popular season to travel, even for the locals. In Japan, photographers bring their huge cameras to document the flowers when they're in full bloom


My first spring in Korea was in 2016. This was taken at the Seoul Forest

Spring in Daegu, 2018. Weather is warmer, the scenery is a nice change from the glum and dryness of the past season

Here are some spring travel tips!

1. Be ready for unpredictable weather and temperature. There are days when temperature suddenly drops, or a place is windier and chillier, and nights are usually still cooler. I guess your best bet is to pack stuff that you can layer, like a light scarf and a jacket. Bring a hat or foldable umbrella in case it rains which is also common during spring.

2. Explore more of the outdoors, but be ready for the crowds. As mentioned earlier, spring can be quite a popular time to travel even for the locals since weather is better. In Japan, the locals will go for a hanami in the parks or cherry blossom viewing. 

Hanami at the Shinjuku Park in Tokyo

Thank you Ate for planning my first spring trip experience!

3. Spring Season = Allergies Season. With flowers in full bloom, it may trigger allergies in some people. Bring your antihistamine, and wear your mask when outdoors. 

4. Check cherry blossom forecasts from Korea or Japan sites to catch full blooms. They usually release a calendar before March. Just search "Korea Spring 2023 Forecast" etc. Or you can book your trip during annual spring festivals, which they often celebrate in time for best cherry blossom viewing.

5. Enjoy the seasonal stuff. Attend the spring festivals. Make sure to experience this season full-on by availing the limited edition cherry blossom products from different brands. There are cherry blossom flavored breads, coffee, and other creative stuff they come up with in Japan and Korea. Lots of cute pink stationery, fashion items, and other flower-themed stuff that you'll see in full blast during spring!

Ending this post with some spring season travel photos through the years... I truly miss it! I hope by some miracle I get to travel to Japan or Korea again before the ephemeral flowering trees end!

Kyoto Imperial Palace (2015) where I saw flowering tree branches scooping down, almost touching the river.

A rainy walk around the Philosopher's Path in Kyoto (2015)

Peak cherry blossom season in Tokyo (2015). I was only using iPhone 5 camera then, but ang ganda padin!

Lane of cherry blossom trees at the Seoul Forest (April 2016)

Early blooms in Seoul, Bongeunsa Temple (March 2017)

Pretty cherry blossom special drink in a local cafe in Seoul (March 2017)

Yongdap Bridge, a Goblin Kdrama location in Seoul (March 2017)

Keimyung Culture Village in Daegu, also a Kdrama location for Boys Over Flowers (2018)

Duryu Park in Daegu, a photographer asked if he can take my photo under this cherry blossom tree (2018)

Bogoshipdaaa! 🌸

Wansan Park, a surprising guesthouse owner recommendation when I was in Jeonju (April 2019)

I've never seen so many flowers in a park since Tokyo 2015! Ang sarap magpaka artsy! Hehehe (Jeonju, 2015)

Take me back!

Like a neverending tunnel of flower trees

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