Tanya Gaisano Lee: Habi ng Kalikasan Art Exhibit

Wednesday, May 10, 2023


Katrina Gaisano-Lee or "Tanya" as she is known to friends and family, is a Davao-based self-taught artist who began her artistic journey in 2014 with only a black pen. 

Originally drawing simple black and white patterns, the artist eventually began diversifying and incorporating vivid colors and textures into her art using acrylics and ink - all of which have now become integral elements of her artistic expression. 

Beautiful vivid colors and textures

The artist Tanya Gaisano Lee

Tanya's style is deeply inspired by her personal experiences and exposure to foreign arts and cultures from her frequent travels. Over the years, she developed her own signature style which can be aptly described as avant-garde with respect to conventional styles of painting. Her distinctive selection of modern abstract elements coupled with vibrant and subdued colors with intricate patterns culminates in unique creations that blends in with contemporary design or provides a touch of modern accents in traditional settings. 

Art lovers will surely appreciate Tanya's brand of art as well as the contributions she continues to make in the local art scene.


In this art series, the artist explores the concept of dualism which can be interpreted as the contradictions, contrasts, or differences that exist between two aspects within a common medium. 

Much like in life, the natural world is replete with dualities such as light and darkness, solids and liquids, hot and cold, wet and dry, and so on. These opposing dualities possess contrasting attributes yet come together to create the world we inhabit and all the beauty and ugliness that exists within it. 

Local weaves are used to add depth and texture to the pieces, rooting them in their Mind-anaoan culture. T'nalak and inabel represent the people and their traditions--

The golden sunrise, the stormy clouds, the flat grasslands, the blue pristine waters, the rich red mineral filled mountains and the luscious green forests. 

The silver moonlight, the rolling thunder clouds, the dense urban population, the concrete jungle, the jewel tones of the night reflecting off the landscape. 

It is the hope of the artist to bring awareness and appreciation to the dualities of the natural world and by extension the dualities we inevitably must face as we navigate the calm waters and brave the raging seas while traversing a limitless universe on a pale blue dot that is literally the journey of our lives.

Check out Tanya Gaisano Lee's art exhibit Habi ng Kalikasan from May 2-14, 2023 at The Crucible Gallery, SM Megamall. 

Photos from the artist's Facebook page

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