Heinz Wants You Jo Eat Your Burgers Upside Down on Burger Day!

Thursday, June 22, 2023

The brand encourages Filipinos that the best way to eat burgers is upside down with Heinz! 

You know what a good burger looks like - a buttery toasted bun, a juicy meaty patty, a crisp lettuce - and paired with the most irresistible tomato ketchup and seriously good mayonnaise. Burgers are already great in their classic form, but why stop there? Why not make a crowd favorite even better? 

Heinz has a great food hack for you why not try eating your burgers upside down with Heinz? 

Feels Wrong, Tastes Right 

Although this move defies all logic (why do you need to turn your food upside down?), there is a pretty rational reason why this works According to this Toronto Sun article, taking a chance on this food hack can actually help elevate your gastronomic experience. By turning your burger upside down, the thicker top bun is now at the bottom, allowing the juices from your patty to be absorbed into the bread and infusing it with flavor. 

This makes so much sensel The toppings that usually fall out from the other end of the burger are also better protected now that they are at the bottom of the burger. Even the condiments that go with your burger, like the Heinz Tomato Ketchup made with real red ripe tomatoes and Heinz Seriously Good Mayonnaise made with the fresh free-range eggs, will hit your taste buds earlier and will not drip down on the sides. You get all the flavors you want on a burger minus the mess-a win-win foodie situation. 

Heinz celebrates International Burger Day by turning it into the Upside Down Burger Day in the Philippines. 

The brand, in an exciting partnership with Pound, has created the Bottom-Up Burger, an Upside. Down burger made with your favorite Heinz products. Launched on May 31, 2023 via social experiment at Pound X Flatterie Greenbelt 3, Heinz surprised customers with not just a first taste of the newest collaboration but the burger - yes you guessed it right, served upside down! Customers from the experiment said that from now on they will eat their burgers upside down and with Heinz for a limited time period. 

This will be available in the following Pound branches for a limited time only from June 10 to July 10, 2023:


1. SM City North EDSA 

2. Ayala Malls Vertis North 

3. Eastwood Mall 

4. Robinsons Place Manila 

5. SM Megamall 

6. Greenbelt 3 Paragraph Styles 

7. Bonifacio High Street 

8. Alabang Town Center 

9. SM Mall of Asia 

10. Ayala Malls Manila Bay 

When asked about the success of the Upside Down Burger Day and how it highlighted Heinz's commitment to quality taste with quality ingredients, Heinz Philippines' marketing manager applauded this bold social experiment. They urge everyone to start eating their burgers upside down upside down with Heinz. 

Still Skeptical? 

Head to your nearest Pound branch to try the Bottom-Up Burger, an Upside Down burger that not only changes the way you eat but highlights the good flavors that ketchup made with real ripe tomatoes can give to a crowd favorite 

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