Traveled to Indonesia to see AgustD via Cebu Pacific + Travel Requirements and Mishaps

Friday, June 09, 2023

Have you ever traveled to fangirl? 

Check in and post-immigration snaps

My first time was in 2017 for the Coldplay Head Full of Dreams tour in Singapore. Til now, I've never once regretted flying to catch a 2-3 hour concert. Every second and penny was worth it.

Aside from traveling to Korea for Kdrama and Kpop Pilgrimage pre-pandemic, my second official "fangirl trip" was just last year for the BTS Yet To Come in Busan. We didn't know it will be BTS' last OT7 concert with all the members present / complete!!

And just a few weeks ago, my friends and I flew to Indonesia for AgustD's first Southeast Asian stop for his D-Day Tour. I knew it was going to be another core memory! So many mishaps happened before "D-Day", but like all my other fangirl trips, things fell into place in the end and it was so worth it.

Airport Bus in Manila: D-3 to D-Day

Took the Php 200 airport bus from Southpark Mall in Alabang going to Terminal 3 for my flight to Indonesia. I was so happy to discover this, super convenient, super affordable, and these buses have scheduled departure so you won't be late for your flight! 

Mom took these pics as I boarded the airport bus, felt like a kid on her first day of school hehe.

➡ Check UBE Express Bus Schedule and Terminals here.

Went to the airport around 3 hours before our flight. I saw Paxie in line, so we checked in together. 

Immigration for us was a breeze, they just asked us about our travel duration.

Unfortunately, flight got delayed from 8:30pm to around 11:30pm because of a thunderstorm. The whole airport got affected, but it's best to be safe! Stayed near our boarding gates, paid close attention to the announcements, till they lifted the red alert. 

Waiting game! Best to pay attention to all announcements, and stay close to your boarding gates

It was still lightly raining when we boarded. We had no reasons to get lost, we just followed the purple travellers and the BT21 plushies to get to the right flight!

Slept through the 4-hour plane ride, and enjoyed the inflight meals in between. We pre-ordered our food and drinks, so they were served right away. I had a bottle of water and the Deluxe Egg Sandwich, which is a very filling vegetarian meal. I was super anxious that night, so I ordered more food--hot chocolate drink and a cup noodles--when the food trolley passed by our aisle. Then I slept again …

While waiting for our plane to take off, Jungkook suddenly went live! I saw the ARMY in front of us tuned in to Weverse too, hehe.

Pre-ordered meal for our late dinner + My extra orders when the food trolley passed by.

Take Note ➡ Fill out these forms before your flight day:  

➡ Book your flights from Manila to Jakarta via Cebu Pacific Air.

💡Fun Fact: Jakarta is 1 hour behind Philippines, Bali is the same timezone as PH!

Arrived in Indonesia at around 3:30am already. The immigration officer knew everyone in line was there to see Suga. He looked at me and said "Suga?" and started pointing to random people in line while saying "Suga! Suga! Suga!" Hehehe.

3am, but a well-lit airport welcomed us warmly in Jakarta.

Another travel mishap surfaced when we realized that the booth for the local data sim we bought via Klook is located far from our terminal of arrival in Terminal 2. Unlike other airports where you just have to take an elevator for the next terminal, in Jakarta we had to take a bus or Grab!

E-sim is an option if your phone is compatible (double check, also available via Klook). You can also buy a sim card on the spot at the airport, but we decided to pre-book days before the trip when we learned that in Indonesia, you are required to register your sim to your phone, and it might take a day or two to activate. 

Terminal 3 is even more beautiful! The journey was a bit of a hassle, but we carried on.

Paxie claiming her local sim.

Book your Indonesia Data Sim Card 

As always, I did not have my Peso exchanged to Dollars na, and just withdraw Indonesian Rupiah at the airport ATM with a charge of around Php 200.  

Counting my millions, lol. Indonesian money can be confusing for me!

We can’t find Grab at the airport (they have designated stations), but they also have other hailing apps like Blue Bird. We instead just took a regular taxi waiting outside, with fixed rate as what the Grab app was charging from airport to our hotel. It was already past 4am and we were too tired to think.

Google Maps said it’s just a 26 minute ride to the hotel, still, I took a nap and pag gising ko umaga na! 😅 The entire duration of the trip, we realized that Google Maps estimated time is not as accurate in Jakarta, so better to use Waze too.

➡ Essential Apps in Indonesia: Waze, Grab, Blue Bird

Traveled to our hotel and it was still dark outside, can't help but fall asleep in my seat

Woke up and we were still on the road, and the sun already out!

Nth Fiasco of the Trip: Hotel Scam

Days prior our trip, I was still bragging to my mom that we were able to book solo rooms in Jakarta for only Php 300+ per night. The room in the Agoda photos were decent, and like the budget hotels I've book in the past--reviews were mixed but nothing I cannot tolerate. 

But red flag number 1 was waving back at us the moment we stepped out of our cabs, and saw the barely recognizable building. At the Agoda app it has the OYO signage smacked in the middle, even giving it a vintage cute boutique hotel vibe lol. IRL, a long tarp covered the OYO signage. 

A new name covered the building, negotiating with the guy at the "reception"

To cut a long story short, the hotel not only looks so bad from the outside (I cannot even imagine the rooms!! Sorry na agad!!), but they were also insisting that they cannot accept us for being late when we booked for rooms a day early so we can check-in anytime even with our night flight. Communication was also difficult, but Papago still came in handy so we were able to express ourselves even though to no avail. 

➡ For Communication: Download Papago App 

(Can translate through photos, voice recording, typing, etc)

Their resolution was to charge us more expensive room rates so we can check-in, even though we were already fully paid via Agoda. We were not comfortable anymore, and it's a good thing we were together, so walk out kami talaga even with our luggages!

In a Telegram group chat I joined for PH ARMYs flying to Jakarta for D-Day, I also read similar horror stories, but with rooms that are sooo bad. Please double check! I cannot imagine going through this on my solo travels.

Finally, we checked in a new hotel at around 9am. We saw Hotel Fiducia after browsing Agoda and Google Maps for more than 30 minutes on the road next to the bad hotel. They were soldout in the app, but thank God they have available rooms that day--three rooms next to each other, all clean and ready. 

Hotel Fiducia to the rescue! The moment we stepped inside the hotel lobby, I felt more safe here and comfortable.

Room rates for walk-ins were not so bad. We got 3 Standard Double rooms.

➡ Always read hotel reviews, especially RECENT ones

Hotel Fiducia's room rate is only about Php 1300+ per room per night, not bad for a solo room with toilet and bath. Location wise, Hotel Fiducia is also nearer the concert venue. 

My head was already spinning when we entered our rooms. Still afforded a hot shower, and had a really good, well deserved sleep… 

My room for 5 nights in Tangerang City. Very cool, spacious, decent, clean. Felt right at home!

Toilet and bath area. Good thing I brought my own toiletries coz medyo bitin yung provided.

First meal in Indonesia was room service when I woke up from my nap. They only have instant noodles and fries, but filling enough for the hungry traveler.

Hotel Fiducia's tropical inspired lobby where we usually waited for our Grab to arrive

Everyday breakfasts with Ruthie, also included in the room rate

Breakfasts in Hotel Fiducia are plated, always vegetarian friendly (yey), and comes with tea or coffee

We also eat at the hotel resto every night, availing their food delivery via Grab :)

A final word because I think the hotel deserves it, Hotel Fiducia Tangerang's staff were all sooo good. From receptionists, restaurant servers, room service staff--everyone's nice and everything we requested were accommodated. They were always smiling and friendly every time we enter and leave the hotel. They actually completed the whole traveling as a fangirl experience. We bumped into sooo many ARMYs at the lobby during the whole 3-day concert duration, which was also cute and fun. 💟 

Thankful for the whole turnaround of events (for the good!) from that day forward!

PS: Bad hotel was already resolved yesterday, a week after the incident, via Ruthie's email exchanges with Agoda. We received full refund, thank you!

To be continued... 


  1. This experience!!! I am so happy we get to experience all these together - misadventures and all! Praying and manifesting for more travels and BTS ganaps! Thank you Ana, and love you and Paxie!!!

  2. I like the photos you have shared. It looks like you had a lot of fun and made some unforgettable memories.


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