Beautiful Activewear to Transition This Hot Summer

Monday, July 31, 2023

When the temperatures start to rise, the sun shines brighter and you know that summer is coming, you will definitely want to upgrade your activewear collection. A lot of times we tend to buy pieces that are perfect for specific for a season, not only because of their style but because of their color. 

There are some colors and styles of yoga sets that will keep you stylish and comfortable during this warmer season. Having the right activewear is always important to have a performance that is optimal and to have comfort, to practice yoga, high-intensity workouts, or even just some activities outdoors. 


 If you want to elevate your workout and transition to summer, you can do it with activewear. There is something that you need to have in mind to choose the right pieces that will help you to do so. If you invest in the right pieces, you'll be able to embrace this new season with much more energy and confidence, while you perform your best, look fabulous and most importantly feel comfortable. 

The best pieces, no matter if they are high waisted leggings or other pieces that make you feel happy and excited to work out during summer but also that compliments your personality perfectly and make you stand out when you are wearing them.  


Look for fabrics that are breathable and lightweight 

As the temperature is rising, the best option to transition and to wear into summer are options that are breathable and lightweight. They should have materials that are moisture-wicking and that should wick the sweat away from your skin, which will allow faster drying and much bette ventilation. 

Vibrant patterns or colors 

Summer has always been a season where we see much more colors, and wearing them during summer or transitioning to summer shouldn't be an exception. If you choose these types of colors, they'll motivate you and lift you up mood-wise. These colors can also add a touch of excitement and fun during your workout routine.


Layering pieces 

As we are transitioning to summer, there are going to be days that are going to be a little bit more color. And even during summer, the weather can be unpredictable too. Make sure that your activewear is versatile and that you also invest in pieces that can be great laycring pieces. Some of these can be crop tops or even lightweight jackets.  

Sustainable pieces 

While you can wear these pieces all year long, they are also a great way to enjoy the summer with a different feeling. If you are really aware of the impact of your actions on the environment, then it is important to start investing in pieces that are made with sustainable, eco-friendly, or recycled materials and fabrics. 


Many brands, like Cosmolle, are now doing this to reduce their carbon footprint and to promote the conservation of the environment. If you do buy, remember that you are helping shape the fashion industry into a more sustainable future. 

Pieces that we recommend 

If you want to have the best workout, it will be extremely important to have a breathable and well-fitting sports bra. They should be moisture-wicking to keep you cool and dry but also should, for example, mesh panels, that will provide breathability and support. The best designs should be racerback, as these types will give you a secure fit, especially during activities with high impact, but also that will let you have freedom of movement.  

And a piece that obviously goes well with these sports bras, are also bike shorts. They are now a very comfortable and trendy option that you can wear to cycling, yoga, the gym or even to wear while you are having a walk. They will not only allow you to move casily but they will also give you a very flattering silhouette. You'll be able to find the best options at Cosmolle.

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