My 2023 TMIs (Year-End Essay Post, HEHE)

Sunday, December 31, 2023

I thought adjustments were made in 2022, but this year has been akin to riding a horror house rollercoaster. A lot of changes happened. A bit of TMI, I tried applying for a scholarship (masters in digital communications) in Korea early part of the year but didn't pass the process. As they say, when one door closes, another one opens—but I think this rejection didn't just open another door but even the veranda sliding doors and windows totally broke free this year lol.

My favorite photo of 2023, in my little hanok home in Andong. First morning at the village, opened the creeking sliding doors, and everything's so serene and beautiful.

First, I found a new job. It's still social media work, but the posting is done outside of my own channels. Then I got another one... and then another one. The work opportunities outside my own social media space were all presented to me this year. In total, I am currently juggling SIX clients. It was anxiety-inducing every time I start with a new client because I really want to be the best for them. I want to totally be in love with the brand so the content I create for them has heart. Honestly, I am the type who will root for the brands that I work for / with. I include their successes in my prayers. I silently celebrate with them--for every sale, all the milestones and recognitions.

In the first months of my new work(s), I have been neglecting my own social media space. If I have one regret this year, it is that I am not updating my own blog as constantly as before. I've been fighting for keeping blogging alive the past years, and now my own blog hasn't seen a lot of updates compared to before. But I am still adjusting to my new career direction. I want to become a social media superstar for the brands that gave their trust to me. But I don't want to totally neglect my own community that I have built for years. AND SO! This coming year, I pray for better time management skills. I pray for more creativity, so I can produce better outputs for all the channels I am handling. I pray that I also prioritize my health more; getting extremely busy and stressed out this year really took its toll on me. Which leads to our second TMI.

One of my new work this year, social media manager of Beachborn!

I stopped drinking coffee early part of the year (if you've known me, this was close to impossible as caffeine runs through my veins!). My heart won't calm down, and my palpitations became really painful. It's either because of my new life as a "working girl," mixed with anxieties of our dog Keeks getting constantly sick (he eventually passed away earlier this month, which I think added to my stress and heartaches). I was always worried. I am actually thankful that I have stopped drinking coffee; at some point, this year the painful palpitations also stopped and all was merry and bright again. But it recurs every time I get stressed, but I am glad caffeine is one less thing to add to the palpitations and health scares.

In September, amidst juggling multiple work, I brought Keeks to the vet every other day for his EPO injections. He got better, and his life extended for over 2 months. <3

Losing my best pal for 15 years really affected me emotionally and I think even health-wise.

Last TMI, just a few days ago I decided to walk into a Healthway clinic in the mall after getting bothered by flare-ups on my face which have been there for months now but I haven't found time yet to get checked (or health wasn't my priority, huhu). They turned out to be psoriasis, mainly triggered by... guess what... stress! I am now taking medications and have topical solutions for it. It's still in its mild stage, so I hope it's not something to add to my worry list (Was even telling the derma "nastress po ata ako lalo" lol).

Less "Budol" and more experiences this year.. except for these Chinese Drama merch, lol. CDrama made me happy for a few months this year!

Anyway, with all the ups and downs of the year, I would say it still blessed me with a lot of things.

1. Anxiety-wise, I think I am more mature now in handling it (??). My concerns are all adulting-related, which most of us will go through anyway, so I just have to navigate my own way through these with love and kindness to myself.

2. Because of neglecting my own channels and I have no time to go to all events, I have fewer brand deals this year, but most of them that approached me are brands that I ABSOLUTELY love. I will be happy to work with curated brands again next year, brands that are in line with the directions I want to give my social media life (since this is also the perfect opportunity to restart).

Some of my favorite events this year: SM Beauty Kbeauty event with Mamsh Nikki, Netflix Doona event.

3. Even with the workload and adjustments, I was still able to travel a lot this year! Started the year with Bangkok for Golden Disc Awards and BLACKPINK, won a trip to Hong Kong and went with my sister, had a Malaysia tourism blog invitation, traveled to Jakarta (and Bali) with friends to see Suga's final concert before his military service, and then finally my dream trip to go back to Korea for my solo adventures. Healthy juggling of work with travels is one of my goals next year.

Traveled for Work (Malaysia Tourism), Traveled to Play (Indonesia with friends)

My favorite trip this year: My solo adventures in Andong

4. I also had the chance to watch several Korean fan meetings, presscons, and concerts, around 80% thanks to my other job (not part of the 6 pa haha) which is to cover K-events for Buzzsetter. I'll let you in on a behind-the-scenes TMI; it's not all fun and fangirling. It's actually hard to cover these kinds of events because I have to take down notes for my articles instead of just staring at the superstar in front of me. I have to take better pictures that are publish-worthy and not just random fan cams. And of course, I have to stay professional even though deep inside I am already kilig. Haha! But still, I am THANKFUL! This is also a dream come true for me.

Contributor for the OG Kpop Magazine Sparkling, covered Korean events for Buzzsetter

Fan girl mode on! Some of the concerts that I went to as a fangirl (Not for work): Cha Eun Woo x Dunkin, and (photos below) Golden Disc Awards in Bangkok for Stray Kids and Seventeen, AAA in Bulacan

5. And of course, to my family and friends, I am thankful to still be surrounded by such wonderful souls. I always project that I am independent, I can do all things by myself and still enjoy, which are all very true.  But "no man is an island" is still also very much true. So I appreciate that I have friends who will listen to my recent stress, who will sincerely celebrate with me and my little wins, and just make me see life more outside my own little bubble.

I think having a lot of friends made me into who I am now. They are part of my growth

Having MOM friends also made me see things in different perspectives. I appreciate them and their big hearts

Having fan girl friends is also the best! They are people I can relate to, people who know my dreams and my heart

My friends through the years <3

For 2024, I wish for more "work-life balance". I wish for better health for me and my loved ones because what are we working hard for if we can't fully enjoy them in tip-top-shape and together? I also pray for more solo travels, because I missss! Haha! And I wish for your happiness and health, and for your own dreams to come true, too. As I have said earlier, I really root for the people who trust me, and that includes YOU! You are included in my prayers / manifestations always . :)

Happy New Year to us!


  1. January 4 na hindi pa rin ako nakakagawa ng 2023 year-ender haha so happy to have read this! Thanks for spending time with me kahit I know you're super busy with ganaps! Love you, sis!

    1. So happy to be there too sis, can't miss another milestone in your life! :) More get-togethers for 2024 pls!! And oo nga asan na ang essay entry mo oonti nalang tayo nag popost!! :D


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