Clara Benin, Lola Amour, and DJ Margachi Light Up Yellow Cab's Best Ever Pizza Party!

Monday, March 04, 2024

 In a fusion of flavors and rhythms, Yellow Cab's held its Best Ever Pizza Party capturing the essence of great music and even better pizza! 

The event, held at the Papa Bear Area of Bonifacio High Street, in Bonifacio Global City, was a spectacle of taste and sound, headlined by some of the Philippines' most talented artists: Clara Benin, Lola Amour, and DJ Margachi.


As the sun dipped below the skyline, Clara Benin took the stage, her presence a calm before the vibrant storm of the night. Known for her soulful melodies and introspective lyrics, Benin's performance was a perfect appetizer to the evening. Her voice, both powerful and tender, wove through the crowd, creating an intimate atmosphere amidst the communal joy. Benin, who has been celebrated for her unique ability to connect with listeners through her music, offered a setlist that resonated deeply with the audience, her songs reflecting the nuanced experiences of love, growth, and self-discovery.


The crowd erupted as host Almira Teng then called on stage one of the most popular bands in the country today. Lola Amour took the stage, injecting the party with their signature jazzy, alt-pop sound. The band, known for their energetic performances and catchy compositions, brought the crowd to their feet. Their hit "Raining in Manila" was a particular highlight, echoing through the venue as fans sang along to every word. Lola Amour's performance proved why they deserved to share the stage with Coldplay during the latter’s concert here in the Philippines.


The night reached its crescendo with DJ Margachi, whose sets are renowned for their ability to bring any party to life. With a mix that spanned genres and eras, DJ Margachi kept the energy high and the dance floor full. Her knack for reading the room and delivering beats that resonate with a diverse audience showcased her skills not just as a DJ but as a master curator of moments. As the final act of the evening, DJ Margachi ensured that the Best Ever Pizza Party lived up to its name, leaving attendees with memories of a night filled with laughter, dance, and shared joy.


The Best Ever Pizza Party featured a collaboration with Multimedia creator Raco Ruiz who designed the event's poster—capturing the spirit of youth and passion. Lifestyle brand Syndrome Supply, by Anton and Inigo Cruz, meanwhile released limited-edition tees and tote bags bearing the party's logo.

Besides the performances, the other highlight of Yellow Cab's Best Ever Pizza Party was the debut of the Half Moon Pizzas, a novel concept that offers the perfect solution for solo diners who want a more personal-sized offering. Available in the fan-favorite Pepperoni and Hawaiian flavors, these pizzas offer a perfect just-for-you size, embodying the essence of convenience without compromising on flavor. Each box contains three slices and are prepared individually and not just taken from a whole pizza to guarantee its freshness. Starting at just P159, the Half Moon Pizzas come with a variety of add-ons, including soda, pasta, or chicken, allowing you to customize your meal for a complete dining experience.

The event was also a platform to showcase Yellow Cab's enhanced recipes of their Best Ever Pizzas. These pizzas, now cheesier, meatier, and tastier, feature freshly made dough, premium ingredients, and real mozzarella cheese, elevating the standard for quality pizza.

With pizzas in hand, attendees also got to enjoy several side activities, including a photobooth station, the Half Moon Serve and Topping Throw. Those who completed the activities got the chance to join the Pizza Party raffle, where five (5) lucky winners won boxes and boxes of Yellow Cab’s Best Ever Pizzas so they can host their very own pizza party for their squad.

Yellow Cab's Best Ever Pizza Party was made possible in partnership with Mountain Dew and Pepsi, ensuring that guests had the best refreshments to accompany their pizza feast. The success of the event has set the stage for future Best Ever Pizza Parties, with more legs to be announced on Yellow Cab Pizza Co.’s social media pages.

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