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Thursday, April 25, 2024

I don't even dance, but I said YES to a dance class yesterday at the 808 Studio in The Podium Mall for Spotify's 'Your K-Pop Persona' event! Anything K-Pop, I'm in!

Still a frustrated dancer! Where to learn at my age, hoho!

Before the actual dance class, we had Korean food refreshments from @yori.mnl and answered the new 'Your K-Pop Persona' quiz, which you can access via the Spotify app. By answering a few questions, you get to know what your ideal fan role would be in a K-Pop group!

Enjoyed Korean food and drinks in between!

Your K-Pop Persona: You could be a Main Visual, Main Vocal, Main Rapper, Main Dancer or Trainee 

What I got! 😁

From K-Pop’s diverse sounds, to its captivating performances and magnetic personalities - it's no wonder this genre has become a global cultural phenomenon like no other. On Spotify alone, K-Pop streams have grown by over 180% in the United States, over 420% in Southeast Asia, and over 360% worldwide since 2018. In the Philippines, K-Pop has also skyrocketed in popularity, recording a 343% growth in Spotify streams between 2018 to 2023.  This growth is a testament to the power of music in transcending barriers and bringing fans from all over the world together.

Here's how you can find our Your K-Pop Persona:

  • Visit on your mobile device. 

  • Answer five questions on the way you stan to receive your Main Role in the K-Pop fandom. Inspired by the roles usually assigned to members in a K-Pop Group, you could be a Main Visual, Main Vocal, Main Rapper, Main Dancer, or Trainee. Whether a long-time stan or just dipping your toes into the world of K-Pop, all fans* are welcome to experience Your K-Pop Persona - even non-Spotify users. 

  • As a bonus, Spotify users can also unlock an additional Fan Role, which celebrates each individual’s fandom by giving them a persona based on their K-Pop listening habits. 

  • You’ll then receive a digital photocard with your results, which can be customized before sharing and comparing on social media.

  • Your K-Pop Persona: Spotify users can unlock an additional Fan Role

    To amp up the fun, Spotify also collaborated with some of the hottest names in K-Pop for the release of Your K-Pop Persona. Be sure to follow Spotify PH on X to compare your results with Cha Eun-Woo, and stay tuned to discover the K-Pop Personas of the likes of TOMORROW X TOGETHER, SEVENTEEN, BOYNEXTDOOR and THE BOYZ!

    Your K-Pop Persona is now live in 31 markets, including the Philippines, and will be available until May 10th, 2024. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to flex your role in the fandom with Spotify’s latest interactive experience!

    More pictures from the event:

    Hyping everyone for the dance class! They also announced a group contest with amazing prizes, including concert tickets to upcoming K-Pop concerts in Manila!

    Hanging out with the "Main Visuals" lol

    The winning group! They were so cute and so good dancing to Illit's Magnetic!

    I have so many K-Pop Spotify Playlists, from travel to gym to commuting playlists. I even have a Spring 2024 travel K-Pop playlist!

    My forever bias, Raiza:

    Photo Card as a Trainee for Spotify's newest girl group, chour:

    Had so much fun with these K-Pop girlies!

    Comment below what persona you got and if you agree with your quiz result!

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