Oatside launches Pocket Packs in PH via fun-filled Oatside Pocket Festival!

Sunday, May 05, 2024

Oatside, the irresistibly tasty plant-based milk brand, launched its adorable Pocket Pack Series in the Philippines with the fun and colorful Oatside Pocket Festival.

Dani Barretto

Leon Barretto

The Pocket Pack series offers on-the-go portions of Oatside’s popular oat milk in the Original and Chocolate flavors and the all-new Coffee flavor.

“Oatside Pocket Packs are a very convenient way to enjoy oat milk in the morning before going to work or as a snack during the day. It’s also a good way for those who have never tried Oatside to finally get a taste of it," said Mario Dagdag, country manager of Oatside Philippines.

Before this, Oatside was sold in 1L cartons commonly found in grocery stores, cafés, and supermarkets.  

Marjorie Barretto with Leon and Dani

Event host Sam YG

Oatside oat milk is made from 100% roasted Australian oats, sustainably-sourced cacao, and expertly roasted coffee.

Oatside is a Singapore-based oat milk branded founded by Benedict Lim in 2020. Since then, the brand has become a popular choice for those seeking a delicious, dairy-free, and sustainable option. The brand is now present in 17 countries and being sold in over 200,000 doors including Blue Bottle, Arabica, and Starbucks.

In the Philippines, many cafés and restaurants offer an Oatside option to those who are lactose intolerant or just choose not to consume dairy.

For the Oatside Pocket Festival, Bonifacio High Street was filled with excitement as Sam YG hosted the short program to open the event graced by social media stars Nico Bolzico, David Guison, and Dani Barretto.

Nico Bolzico

When asked which Oatside flavor was his favorite, Bolzico replied, “It’s the new one [Coffee]. I just tried today. Definitely, that would be my flavor of choice.”   He shared that his wife, celebrity Solenn Heussaff, and their daughter, Tili, are Oatside lovers too.

“Tili drinks the original. I put it in her baon. Solenn uses it for her latte. She’s a latte lover.”

Oatside CEO Benedict Lim said they launched the Pocket Packs to offer consumers more convenience.  

“We realized that people were drinking the milk straight from the pack, not just with coffee. It’s very difficult to bring one liter with you. We first launched the Pocket Packs in Indonesia and realized that people loved it. It makes it easier to drink the flavor variants so having a small pack is much easier.”  

Connect with Oatside via their website ( and @oatside on TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram.

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