I joined a perfume-making class in Seoul!

Thursday, May 09, 2024

Another class I joined while in Seoul was Perfume-Making.

Actually, there are a lot of studios offering this kind of class, but I chose the one easily booked through Klook called the GN Perfume in Seocho. I later found out that GN stood for GOOD NOSE!

→ Seoul Self Perfume-Making Activity in Seoul by GN Perfume Studio

What's your favorite scent?

GN Perfume is located in South Korea, Seoul, Seocho-gu, Seocho-daero 29-gil, 22 보미빌딩 B1

It wasn't my first time joining a DIY perfume class, but I realized that each instructor's methods were different. So I think this activity is still something that I can do again and again, especially when I want to create my own perfume. I always prefer musky yet feminine scent, a bit of vanilla-green tea-ish. Is there one in the market that I should check out? Anyway, it was fun to concoct my own signature fragrance. An activity you can do in a group, on a date, and even during your solo trips.

GN Perfume offers more of a DIY class that is easy to follow after brief instructions. First, we have to choose a base from 8 different options. It was so difficult to pick just one, but the instructor told me to not overthink things and just “follow my feelings”.

Of course, since it's a scents class, be prepared to whiff a lot of scents!

After smelling so much fragrances, coffee may neutralize your senses.

We then took a simple psychology quiz where the instructor based on and curated scents that I can choose from. The next step was to put 27 drops in total of my chosen scents. 

The quick test I took so my instructor can pick scents that I may like out of hundreds that they have

Just a small corner in the room with some of the scents they have

After writing my label, and wrapping it in cute packaging, our instructor told me to wait for two weeks to truly know how the perfume will smell.

Taking notes. No right or wrong answers, describe each scent to know if it will fit your concoction:

Dropping 27 scents in my blend:

My chosen oils, and my finished bottle I named "SPRING24"

The whole session lasted for about an hour, so it's easy to add it to your itinerary. I came a bit early, mixing up my sched, but the teacher accommodated me right away. She was also fun to talk to and very confident in her craft. She even told me that GN has been around for such a long time, and OG in the fragrance industry in Korea.

The instructor wrapping my bottle in a box

They also sold their own scents in store

GN Perfume owner with Korean variety show hosts Yoo Jae-suk and Jo Se Ho

It was so fun to take home my own bottle of perfume!

They say that scents can evoke emotions and bring back certain memories, so I hope this SPRING24 perfume will always take me back to my memorable times in Seoul. :) 

Watch my Vlog:

@anagonnn I joined a perfume making class in Seoul! It’s actually my second time, but in a different studio, and their methods are actually different so worth it naman to try this again and again. 🩵 Booked this session via @klook_ph, use &ltANAGONKLOOK> promo code for discounts! #klookph #klooktravel #koreatravel #perfumemaking #solofemaletraveler ♬ original sound - Anagon ☻

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