Wednesday, September 02, 2009

I will always pity my shoulders/back. When walking with my heavy-weight bagS slinging over my shoulders, I'll always imagine how one day this abuse will take effect in my body. Like how employees who are always in front of the computer will one day lose their 20/20 vision, or how manong/manang Xerox may one day get baog. (i just got this tidbit kanina from Cea, haha)

Anyway, last Monday, I held a photoshoot for my new clothes, accessories, and headdresses collection at the Ateneo campus--as organized by my model-turned photographer and hair-makeup artist Patty Mendoza. She invited her model and photographer friends Cy Bellarmino and Mark Tiu, while I texted CJ Alayon to model for me again --and there! A team of amateur "artists" taking advantage of the holiday (no classes = no people).

The call time was 9.30 am, and living far south means I have to allot around 2 hours to get to Katipunan. Thank God for trains, after getting off the bus to MRT Magallanes, I rode this (super convenient!) transportation up to Cubao, then walked to LRT 2 (malls were still closed)...and rode from there to Katipunan. I had travelled this route before already, but I always get lost when I reach Katips--should I walk right or left? North exit or South? That day, I was super proud that my directions-instinct did not fail me, I reached the Ministop area where tricycles assigned to Ateneo were parked! =)

Photos! Photos! Photos!

Fashionable Pair. Model-slash-budding Photographer Patty and Model CJ (Wearing my new hippie band, little miss sunshine dress, and tiedyed stockings!)

Two at a time! Two photogs and two models shooting simultaneusly = Early pack up!
Meet the Team! I love working with hardworking, dedicated, AND fun-loving people! :)

Tip to Toe:
Michael Jackson T-Shirt (because I read Patty is a fan! :D)
Black Skirt
Thick Leather Cuff
(not in photo) Black Doll Shoes

Since I have to always be on-the-go, helping the models change into different clothes and headdresses, styling, carrying the stuff, and assisting whoever needs me..I made sure I wear an easy breezy outfit: thus, TShirt day again! :)

And yup, I commuted with TWO gigantic bags containing all my clothes and accessories for the shoot!

Anyway, IT WAS WORTH IT! :) I can't wait for the photoooos! :D

After the photoshoot: That's a wrap! :-)


  1. wow sis, two BIG bags? hay nako kung malapit lang ako sa yo tutulungan kita eh! :D

    can't wait to see your new products!

  2. Hahaha! :D Yes sis! Sobra..talagang the goal is the "ice cream van -- coverted into roving accessories store" !! Haha! :D
    Naku thanks sis! These experiences really make me stronger kahit by myself *palang* :D Hehehe!

  3. YES! :D Coming REEEEAL sooooon Ava!!! :)


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