Friday, December 04, 2009

You see, I am a fulltime online seller...with my room transformed into office-slash-factory in one. And as with any business, I will always end up with extra items and thingamajigs---which often I wouldnt want to see anymore after they overstayed past a year lounging in my "storage". =D (so there's a third slash in my room's identity! :D). Often I give them as gifts to my Barx, but this year, I decided to try something else...

I placed all excess stocks outside my room, and taped a "Free Gifts" sign on our hall's wall! It's better to give, but I think it's better-er (hahaha) to give something so that other's may be able to give! =D

Before leaving the house for the supplier today, I watched just one episode of How I Met Your Mother. This episode turned out to be on "destiny" one thing leads to the next, affects the course of events, and how one thing might mean a lot to you, but might not really be meant for you. For some reason, a young buyer of mine in my online shop messaged me in Facebook last night on her dream-turned reality internship for Summit Media. We've met up lots of times already when she has orders in my shop, and, unlike other clients, Ella would want us to sit down and eat and chat--like good ol friends. And I really appreciate the gesture since I am "self employed", I really have no "officemates" to talk to everyday!

In her note titled "Random Thought", she told me how she appreciates what I am doing, that her internship was a great experience but made her realize that that isnt her life--the routine, the boss, and the 8-5 rule. My reply:

Hello sis! :) Im so happy sis na may naaaffect akong life with simple conversations natin na super casual :) Its nice din to know sis na diba atleast nagawa naman natin yun isang option natin (Summit!! :) :D)...and after that, ok nadin ako =) One year sa COC, oks nako..met the people, tried na writing for them and yun interviews, and now im living na for my biz =) ...

Destiny is powerful. I might not have ended up as the girl I wrote down in our high school year book, might not have landed on my dream job as the editor-in-chief of a teen's magazine...But I know I am in someplace better for me. I still get "fan mails" like a real magazine editor. I still hold photoshoots much like those "Fashion Spreads". And I can still write for my hundreds of Multiply (where my online shop is) contacts! =)
But the best part with where I am now is meeting people like Ella. And being able to watch an addicting series before going to "work" aka "shopping" for new materials. And after a hard day, still have lots of time and energy to drop by Cubao to visit a friend in her new office.



[Geo works for Noy Aquino's team for the said presidentiable's campaign.
I love hearing all her stories of working for a great team, and her many out of town trips with them! =)]
The dream might not be meant for you, but the destiny is worth the initial heartache. =)


  1. I love this post sis, really :)

    Email me your mailing address! I just realized I don't have it pala, lagi ikaw nagpapadala sa akin eh :D

  2. Thank you sis! It feels good to be back blogging---and here in BLOGGER pa! :D I love your blogs too! :)
    Wah onga pala noh! =D Hahaha! Ang cute sis nun idea mong yan!!! :-)


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