Saturday, December 05, 2009

Oh life and its cliches. I knew that the only thing (say this with me) that doesnt change is...Change! :p
The thing is, it's so easy to give your opinions, your pieces of advice, and feel like youre managing your very own life damn-too well, only to realize that when it comes to digging in to what you truly-deep-down-subconsciously feel...youre actually as depressed as others.

Change came to me abruptly weeks ago, something i thought will  never come. Now that old stories are coming back (or about to!)...Things mixed up, and now I'm making my own problems. I realized that to fight the CHANGE that causes my stirred emotions now is to create another change! :D Oh the cycle.


Anyway, I just posted some new stuff in my site ( my 2-day teaching stint for Manila Doctors' college students for their Alternative Class Day:




 As Ive said in my site, "Sometimes, you might not turn out to be who you planned out to be when you were a kid ("I want to become a teacher!")
But hey, being in Anagon Collection made me experience becoming a teacher in one-time-big-time moments like this! :)"

Even things like what I want to become changes, from being a teacher, to wanting to become a writer/editor of a teen magazine, and now becoming a business woman. Still, I cant deny that i dont want the first two dreams anymore. This is the most convenient thing for me now, and so i am living the most out of what is right here in front of me. This is, after all, still a blessing!


Another highlight for this week: A Candy Mag feature! :)


 (more of this HERE!)

Happy to see myself in print (still!) even though not as a writer! :D
I feel like a full-fledged Entrepreneur! :)


So, I might hide change by recreating another change, but then i wouldnt be able to hide the first change forever. One time for sure it will come out, whether it still is a big deal or not already...It's something that I have to deal with soon.

Oh well, that's life. (Yup, ending with another cliche.) =P 

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