The Great Escape!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas everyone! 

Dec 24, Christmas Eve:
My family went to the Mutucs, the only family on my mother's side here in Pinas.
Had dinner, net time, hot choco time, waiting for the clock to strike 12, coffee time, status updates, TV...
Then Noche Buena and gift giving!!! =)

First time to receive a gift from dad! It's always from Mom and Dad (and I knew mom was the only one who bought the presents!)...This year is CLASSIC! =D I dont even want to spoil the moment and find out if dad was really the one who went all the way to Starbucks to buy these for us! :D

Hot Choco

Cea: "Uy yun mga gift ko sa inyo budget ng studyante a!"
I actually think theyre cool! I got myself free Photoshop Services! :D

Genuine smiles! Haha!

Magic Jack-Mom and Tita Emma called our relatives abroad :)

In my pambahay already, drinking my nth coffee! ;)


Night of December 25: Tanauan Batangas (Father's Side)

Pinoy Henyo-ing (Go Team Cea--Gia! ;D)

Magic Singin'

Gift Giving (by family, announced pa sa mic ;D)

Raffle (on pic: Big Brother Double Up! shirt! ;D)

Family picture taking with lola + Clan pic

Webcaming with relatives in the US (little cousin Erica playing sa snoooow! :D)

Rosary time


How's your Christmas Eve and Christmas Day? :) Like most status posted in Facebook, I am also STUFFED! I dont want to know how much I gained already, but the fit of my clothes wouldnt deceive me! I actually went up and down the stairs awhile ago--during the short span of hours in between mother's side and father's side parties! I have to make room for more foodies, or else, just "break even" my pre-holiday weight! ;D

I have to say that I'll miss Christmas! It has been a "Great Escape" -- from work (!???!), from concerns, and even from life's aches and disappointments! =D

Other than because of the great food and gifts (big big big distractions!!! =D), I love Christmas because it's a CELEBRATION with family and loved ones. I felt happiness and love from people making other people's wishes come true...Celebrating HIS birthday by being His own image and likeness...through giving, spreading joy, sacrificing, and loving.

For whatever it is worth. ;)

All of the wasted time
The hours that were left behind
The answers that we'll never find
They don't mean a thing tonight.
-The Great Escape, Boys Like Girls


  1. Reading this blog post brought me in those places, too :-D
    Yay to Pinoy Henyo. We had it last Christmas, too :-D

    Happy holidays!

  2. Hahaha! :D Hi Jez!!! :) Thanks! Yey to Pinoy Henyo! That game always makes me a nervous wrack, competitive kasi!!!!! ;) Hahaha
    Happy Holidays to you too sis! =)


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