Live High!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I love having balikbayans around! They make me realize how beautiful a place I am in (hehehe--because you'll always have to take them around the usual places you go to, and you appreciate these places more!), and how lots of things can be done and tryout (recommended places/activities of friends)---for a few days or weeks, to hell with sleep and money! :D

With Abi home again from States 5 years since her last vacation here (last time I saw her was back in college!)...Things expectedly packed up!

I just love looking-forward-tos!! =)

Barx Christmas Party @ Reg's
I love house parties! No time constraints, foods overflowing (and drinks! :D), plus, everyone just let loose and  have a fun crazy night! =)

Dinner at Abe (Where Good Friends Dine! Haha!) in Serendra.
No Boni High/Serendra yet the last time Abi visited Pinas!
Oh! We ordered A LOT!

Outdoor dinners <3 =)

Dulcinea dinner pre-Wine thing at the White Moon Roxas Blvd area.
Chickie was the one who recommended the wine place, and though I am masa and would go for beer over "Happy New Year" drinks, I was super excited for this! Original plan was to have a Wine and Cheese Party, but we ended up with (to quote my friend Ana) a Wine and Chips Party!

I like it either way! =D

Be Drunk!
"It is time to be
drunk! So as not to be the martyred slaves of time, be drunk, be
continually drunk! On wine on poetry or on virtue as you wish. Just be drunk!" 

- by the great poet Charles Baudelaire. Hehehe!

Barx Holiday High!
Not everything in my life is perfect now, but I feel the rush of happiness everywhere, I love Christmas! I love that love is everywhere! I love my friends!
I love my barx, and I super missed them so much! I love Him my Savior and Kuya!
Really, there's nothing to mope and get all-emo about! =)

Bring on the drinks,
And let the good times rrrroll!!! =)


And oh, let's take it easy and celebrate the malleable reality
Because nothing is ever as it seems, this life is but a dream.
- Live High, Jason Mraz

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