Merriments and True Friends :)

Monday, December 21, 2009

Reuniting with Lyks and Marlene, after monthsss of not getting together—the 3 of us in one place!
We held our first Christmas lunch in Marcianos Greenbelt3, and had chikas on each other’s lives, and most of the time, looked back on our past kalokohans (foolishness) and impulsiveness – careless moves that got us into troubles! ;p It is really true that you wouldn’t remember how you went on an exam, but you will never forget the people you were with the night you decided to skip studying! =D

Lyka: Diba structured na nga ako..tapos ang law school sobrang structured nga, namimiss ko yun days na sobrang impulsive natin, lahat biglaan.
Anagon: Naalala ko before: Tara! Star City tayo! Tara! Bowling tayo! Tara! Swimming tayo!

I made Lyks and Marlene promise me that this be a start of a tradition. We don’t need to see each other regularly since (sadly) we have our own lives now, but a once a year - every Christmas thing will make us remember the friends we had during college. The ones who were there on my craziest.

(Funny that Lyka did not finished her food! =D I guess some things dont change even all these years! ;D)


Barx Christmas party (14 out of 16 of us were there!)/Abi’s “Homecoming”!

After 4 or 5 years, Abi went home from the US!
College passed by, and still the girls are intact! =) I had a great night of good food, kulitan, photo ops, tambays, White Elephant (a riot form of exchange gift) and games (Barx Henyo and Charades) with my oldest friends. =)

Laugh Trips

Drinking Marathon =p

 I really want this during the White Elephant, but it was "stolen" from me, which is allowed in the rule. ;p

Balikbayan Abi super tired by the end of the night!

Note: both events happened in a day. =)
Super happy! =) I really hope everyday is Christmas!

All the lights are coming on now
How i wish that it would snow now
i dont feel like going home now
i wish that i could stay... =)

- The Christmas Song, The Raveonettes (OC Soundtrack)


  1. Aww. Friends are the reason why I don't want to grow old and leave college. LOL

  2. Aww nakakamiss din buhay studyante :)


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