Rewiring, and my meet ups for the day

Monday, December 14, 2009

I have parts in my life that I labeled "pre-war" and "post-war"...with such, the so-called "war" broke out and left things stirred and chaotic. And in the midst of trying to recover from the damage...with "post-war" comes that time when somebody--a friend, or a fictitious character in a chic lit, or an even more fictitious character in a telenovela---will remind you of "rewiring".

Rewiring--meaning, things might be rattled after a war, but isnt there a "pre-war" that you can look back to...A reference. That you were someone else pre-war. 

I guess that's how I am feeling right now. I feel so attached to "things" that I feel that I am getting used to these already. And what I dont like about getting used to, is knowing that someday soon a war will break out and cause a stir--a chaos of not-used-to-not-having-what-you-are-now-used-to (gets? haha!). 

But the best part here is that, I have been in a bigger war (that kind that marked my being for as long as--whatevs) ... that I should know how to rewire again. To get back to who I was pre-THIS. I just cant believe that experience doesnt play part in my rewiring for the nth time around, because, after all, it's still as knock-out hard as the first time. =/ (*sigh*)

I wish I am not the type who gets tamed too-easily. It brings big disappointments in the end, I tell you. =p


On a lighter and clearer note, today was meet up day! =D Went around the metro to hand my dear buyers' orders--last minute Christmas shopping or personal Holiday accessories! One of my meet ups today is with Kat G (nickname I gave to her, haha!)-- one of my buyers who prefers to have a "seat down meet up" where we will stay for at least an hour in a place where we can eat--and share our stories. =)

Kat G and her Jennifer Behr-inspired Headband order =)

I really appreciate getting to know my clients, and be friends with them. =) It's just much harder now that theyre growing (naks ahem =D)...But at least with my long-time buyers, we established not only a seller-client relationship, but one of great friendship worth keeping! =)

I also had a Makati meet up after all my La Salle ... where my buyer complimented my top. The funny thing is, I actually sold this top before in my site, but no one ordered I decided (just this morning, and I can't think of anything to wear haha) that I'd like to keep it for myself. ;)

Hahaha! Hello Bollywood! :D
I love comfy clothes with nice prints. =) =) =)

Had mini-tambay with Ana after everything business-related. She told me I saved her from boredom. WOW! Hahaha! =D


There! Wish me luck with the rewiring thing. =p It might have felt good if there's a "closure" through confrontations (war!)...but I guess I learned that sometimes its better to just let things be--turn around and walk back to where I am used to going. After all, all it takes is just letting things pass by (go with the flOoOow ~~~). 

"And that was it. In that moment I wasnt angry anymore. I could see Stella was meant to be with Tony. Kids, you may think your only choices are to swallow your anger or throwing it in someone's face. 
There's a third option---you can just let it go.
And only when you do that is it really gone, and you can move forward."
-Ted Mosby. How I Met Your Mother

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