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Saturday, December 12, 2009

So this year, I decided that since an annual thing might get even a wee-bit "tiring" sometime soon (like gift giving for the same people every year)...If not tiring, may get difficult since we can't think of anything else new to give to the same people...I wanted everyone in my family and tight circle of friends to make their Wish List. And by texting them for their "Lists", I forwarded their lists to people who might need these for reference on their next trip to the mall. It's fun, and it's helpful, and it brings the Christmas Spirit alive in the middle of work life and household chores life (for my mom, hehe).

So here's what some of them came up with:

1. Car Stereo
2. Jackie Life (??? :D)
3. Olay (!!)
4. Kung Fu Shoes (I made this one up haha)

1. Bag
2. Shoes
And all other things she doesnt buy for herself anymore, because priorities are on the house--which is currently on renovation. I hate the smell of paint, btw. =p

Ate (sent via text, easier for me to forward to those interested)
1. Giant hotdog pillow na ang design ay spongebob haha. Gusto ko same quality ni harry potter (her current hotdog pillow).
2. havs
3. Necklace/Earrings drawer

Cea (sent via text as well)
"Wish list: blazer or hoodie, gud buk (icp pko kung anon buk), magandang leather sling bag na parng un kay ate, un pa lang..."

And these are what my friends sent to me:

"Wah. Andami. Actually kht ano naman :-)
1. Eyeshadow brush.
2. Matingkad na Red nailpolish or pink na pink, Haha.
3. ID necklace na posj
4. A nice blue bag
5. Macbook"
[note: kahit ano daw a, hahaha! ;D]

1. Starbucks tumbler--ayoko ng Christmas, gusto ko normal day starbucks tumbler. Ayoko rin ng maliit. Ayoko ng jumbo, gusto .... *blah blah blah*
2. Book--*blah blah blah*
*blah blah blah*
7. Starbucks GC--for my addiction *blah blah blah*
8. Ulam? =p's my own forwarded list:
"Benta e...wait kopyahin ko sa planner ko, mga stuff na ayaw ko bilhin with my own money like 1. underwear showcase hahaha...2. white boards of all sorts for my product shoots and bazaars, 3. any mug from coffee shops, 4. sleepwell pillow, 5. Anything tiger for my tigers collection...
(That was the abridged version, checkout side panel of this blog for complete unabridged Anagon Christmas 2009 Wish List! =D)

So there you go. In all honesty, aside from the "Free Gifts" I concocted a few weeks ago, getting everyone, young and old, to write what they want this Christmas set us all in the holiday mood. I am set to give everyone their "best Christmas gift evrr"!!!

And (truth be told) whether when a friend receives a general Christmas text-greeting from her crush, or you aced the thesis defense you worked (not necessarily hard) but together with your bestest of friends in college.. or as complex as having a peaceful breakup with someone who's not making you happy anymore (but you just have to finish the holidays before you can do these things), or you woke up one morning with skin as smooth as baby's, or the house is painted in a zap--no more waitings and "watching/guarding the painter" days. . . For me, maybe these are the best Christmas Gifts Evrr--that people I love so much get what they truly want--beyond the enumerated list they sent to me.

.....And that's what I like about Christmas. Christmas is happiness for everyone.

 It just... beats the sh*t-hell out of selfish birthdays (which is why somebody came up with the birthday blues phase). =)

But then, I am no God. So your list is good enough. ;) You and me, and Christmas, it will be the best Christmas Evrr. ;-D


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