birthday wishielistie :p

Monday, January 18, 2010

Although birthday wishlists may seem selfish for me (hahaha), here's mine, to make my birthday more festive, exciting, and less dramatic than it already is (turning a year older is still turning a year older).

1. Skinny Black Jeans
(Coz mine got ripped on my trip in Sumilao Farm last year, haha!)


2. Black Flats with Studs
(Because my poor Sanuks need a sub)


3. My own URL! :) sounds cool! ;p

4. Plain Tees
Because they're so versatile! :D


5. A trip with you! ;)
(Cebu Pac is making me nervous with their "limited seat sales" !!! :D Let's book one now!)


6. (Enroll me in a) Driving Classes
(Enrolling in A1 is so expensiveee!!! ;p Day2 driving lessons with dad was a big fail, I can't control the clutch/brake/gas when going up a steep road, which is aplenty in our subdivision!)

7. Good Book
(Cea is recommending Hunger Games series to me =))


8. Yoga Mat
(I left mine in USTE, and never saw it again =( )

with yoga friends I met on our 2006 Yoga Haribol convention. =)

9. Long Boards
(For the hobby that I want to start with Ana!)


10. White Boards
(Still, for my "little photo shoots" of my products =))



  1. Sis maraming magandang flats with studs sa So Fab! :)

    Weeeeeh birthday mo na!! :)

  2. graaabe my little bday eve will make me spend money, i wanted to buy the shoes and sbj but pass muna =( im sure ill check out so fab! :D nakikita ko nga sa Glo5 yun store, nice all shoes pati sandal!!! :) :D

  3. Yep! I bought new wedges from them last Friday before watching Avatar hehe :D

  4. wahoo! :D grabe true to your name, shopaholic ka padin talaga siiis!!! =) Loveit! Hahahah!


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