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Sunday, January 17, 2010

photos circa 2002/3

[I realized I never had a photo of/with her. =/ ]

Back in the days when our parents wouldnt just let us go anywhere without them. She stood as our parent. And lead us to big adventures high schoolers like us wouldn't think of getting into. We rappelled a building and a bridge. We hiked through sacred mountains, and traveled on a night trip till we reached northern part of our country, so cold I left a melted left over chocolate bar in our hotel desk, I woke up and it was frozen! And we had a big Sorsogon beach trip with our friends as part of our school requirement!

And I remembered our outputs to be practical. I would speak in our little elective class about what we learned from the outside-the-classroom sessions. And she would listen and say that I am good with those things "Ms. Gonzales". =) (writing)

Things that you will never forget.

Come graduation, she handed us packs of chocnuts and a dream catcher key chain...each one of us that were part of her Environment Education family. I will never forget her unconditional love and her lessons.

To my own high school "Morrie", rest in peace Ms. Samonte.
For the EE times, and all the little things after that. . .
I love you.

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