C'mon lets fall in love

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Abi, my high school friend who went here for few weeks vacation with her family, already went back this morning to US. Wow, weeks of good timesss do come to an end, and I felt sad that after the big holiday rush -- reunions and lakads and the most recent Bora getaway with my Barx, I am really finding it hard to get back on track with my "work". I have to replenish my stocks of accessories and other fashion finds! Time to save up again! =/


Just last night, we had a despedida for Abi. From her short trip here, I realized a long-term worth of lesson of getting to know myself again: from re-meeting the old Anagon, and accepting the changes I've gained from 4 years of COLLEGE and POST COLLEGE -- the time when we started going and building our separate lives.

I guess that's the biggest thing I got from all this. That "the most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can grow separately without growing apart". I loved every minute that I am with my friends. I love the chance of re-meeting them again--knowing some things don't change through the course of time and change of environment, and knowing what they've become after all those years--and still loving them completely...changed and unchanged and all.

I might have to go back to business for now (to "grow", to "learn", to "risk"), but I'm happy that I know I am holding on to something ("may pinanghahawakan") that will come back to me sooner than I think it will. I have friends who lasted years and years and more years of living each one's individual lives. But we will never fail to one day come back home.

...Till then. =')

Is there really no escape, no escape from time,
of any kind..

C'mon lets fall in love,
Well c'mon let's fall in love,
C'mon let's fall in love..again

- Half Life, Duncan Sheik

I'll miss you again abi. =')


  1. That's a beautiful quote, I completely agree :)

    I am absolutely in love with the last photo Ana :)

  2. thanks sis :) that's abi after taking a dip! :D Haha!
    friends are the best :) :)

  3. OMG! Ngayon ko lang to nabasa.. super naiyak ako! (I'm at work.. lol)

    I miss you so much, GonGon!!! Gusto ko na umuwi ulit..

  4. Gusto ko nadin umuwi ka!!! ;( Huuhuhuh syempre nasenti din ako rereading and seeing na nabasa mo na to!!! Hehehe! XP I miss you abs!! I love you!!!!


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