Monday, January 11, 2010

My 2010 goal is to LIVE HIGH, thus getting into TONS of things is the big idea.
I have to do things I can't imagine myself getting into (positive, wholesome stuff. ;))...and the first week of the year has proven that, hey, I'm on the right track! ;)

1. Paddle Surfing 101 in Boracay

Instead of skim boarding (the water activity we did on our May Bora)...I tried out paddle surfing with Geo on our third day. It's the closest that I can get to try surfing, minus the huge waves. For only P450 the first day (with trainer), paddle surfing taught me balance (to be able to kneel and then stand on the board while floating on the sea!)...which I realized I've gained and unconsciously-practiced when standing on a crowded MRT or LRT (yeah go commuters!) .....and then, later on when I am farther from the shore and the people, I "Indian-sat" on my board, rested my arms from paddling, and appreciate the sunset---the grandeur that only God can create. =)

I went paddle surfing again the next day by myself! :D

2. Make-Up 101 with Chickie

Geo's make up care off Abi, mine care off Chicks! :)

Since Boracay is not only known for its beautiful sea, but also for it's busy nightlife, my friends and I dressed up and applied a little make up for our nightly taste of the famous Bora Parties. Chickie was the one who cleaned everyone's brows, and she and Abi (the people with their make ups kits with them all the time!)...were the ones who gave us make overs!

I like the little color and blush make ups did to me, and will be meeting Chicks again this week to help me buy my own "kit" and learn Make Up 101 from her! :D I'm so excited! Someday I want to be the make up artist of my Anagon Collection photo shoots!

3. Driving101 with Daddykins

Cea is so persistent with things lately! I guess that's what the lie-low weeks of being a "student who is finished with school and is just waiting for her graduation" does. From beating the deadline for the voters' registration, today she pushed me into joining her in her second day of driving lessons with dad! The Fashionista Commuter handling the wheels, wow! :D

"Twist the key a little backward, step on the clutch full and then put gear on "primera", release hand break, then slowly release clutch and step lightly on the gas, then BOOM ... don't forget to control the manibela, look on your side mirrors and rear view mirrors........"

Dad let me hold the manibela on first try, and he was firm when I forget things like simultaneous steps, but later on he kept on telling me and everyone that I am a fast learner and in no time I'll be driving to wherever! :D

I can't even ride a two-wheeler bike, but really feel that I am meant to drive! :D hahaha!

please please lang turuan nyo
akong magdrive
gusto kong matutong magdrive
(kahit na wala akong kotse)
gusto kong matutong magdrive
(kahit na walang lisensya) 

-Overdrive, Eraserheads

Additional list of things to learn:
4. Skateboarding with Ana (buy!)
5. Go back to yoga classes
6. Tattoo (kahit henna lang muna ;p) Art
7. Photography


  1. Wow! Sis you look really pretty with makeup!! :)
    Ako rin it's only now that I am learning, ang saya pala :D

    And wow uli for learning how to drive! Ako rin hindi marunong magbike haha! And I don't think sapat ang hand-eye coordination ko para sa pagdadrive :D

  2. Aww thanks! :D grabe makeups are much harder than clothes shopping :D hahaha! :D pero gusto ko talaga matutunan!
    Wah im not good din with coordination-thingies, so hopefully with driving mejo swertehiiiin!!! ;p


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