i don't usually buy a lot, and im not the type who will call myself a shopaholic

Sunday, January 31, 2010

But the past days, I've been spending-crazy (hey big spender! speeeend a little time with meee hahaha) if I won't need to save for my coming BIG trip with my bullies: tan tananaaaan: VIETNAM! :D Yup! The heat is on in Saigown baybeh! Hahaha! From Viet, we will head to Cambodia, then most probably in Bangkok! I'll need all the extra moolah-and-moolahmakers (aka rakets) possible for the next 3 months. And to start saving! Which I can't! Hahah!

First of all, there's my uncontrollable gimmicks. 

The one-half of my Bullies, Ana, and I realized that we've been going out more often on weekdays. "Weekdays are cool!" hahaha! Weekends are for "Weekend Slumbers" hahaha! :D Last Monday (?)  I went to Ana's office at the Fort, and we went on a "field trip" in a newly opened mall in McKinley...The Venice. I told Ana, with a newspaper as props, that I saw this just that morning, and was interested if this place will match Macau's The Venetian.

We went there and just ate at Carlo's Pizza, and walked our way to the nearest Starbucks. And just this Thursday, we went out again and had coffee, and watched the cute meatballs movie (cloudy with a chance of meatballs) in Rockwell, but had dinner first in Kulinarya...where I found this:

Hello Cafe World friends! :D A real Quiche! Hahaha!

Halloo Ana and her whateverseafoodofadish! :) =D

And aside from eating, and tambay and our love for watching movies, here are the stuff I bought the past days,which sent my money flying everywhere. =p
[I love retail therapy, but I am not a shopaholic! :)]

Over-sized (nice-cute-<3) Floral Bag at Accessorize! 
I super love that store, it's heaven! Big inspiration for my own business!
This bag costs P2, 700 on regular days, but because of Festival Mall's 3-day Sale, I got it for only P800!!! :D

Actually, the first Percy Jackson book is a gift from my ate, and the 3rd and 4th book I saw in paperback in Glorietta 5's NBS, so I bought them right away! :p
No 2nd book yet (hard to find! ;p), and the 5th book are all in hardbound!
(I saw awhile ago a treasure chest set of all 5 books in hardbound for P3k+! :D Power Book ATC!)

Some of my thrift-finds! :D 
Denim blazer with floral painting-ish prints, and a Hello Kitty and Little Twin Star jackets! :D
Don't ask me how much I got them, but these, along with (not in pic) denim skirt, denim jacket, some checkered polos, only deducted less than P500 from my wallet! =D

My crescent moon, falling stars, and clouds. Hahaha!
Hair accessories for my extra unruly hair! ;p
Although the twisty thing doesn't work pa pala with the length of my hair. ;p Boohoo.

My first Chucks!!! =D
And what is even more lovelier!!!:

The price tag!!! :D (sale <3!!!!)

I've been eyeing this Chuck Taylor design centuries ago (hahaha) because it's lacy and crocheted and really Anagon-ish...but my sister Cea told me I am not much of a "Chucks type". ;p
Hohoho but a Chucks with frills and art and for only P1k+!??! It's mine! :D Hahaha!


  1. Ang cute nun quiche! Haha! Super good deal nga on the bag, I like! :)

    Wala rin akong Chucks, parang hindi bagay sa akin, haha!

    And wooow you're going to travel again! I'm happy for you, I'm sure super enjoy yan uli! :D

  2. Hahaha I ordered it dahil sa Cafe World, kahit di naman ako nabusog hehehe ;p Cute parin! :D Haha!

    Wah same tayo sis feel ko di bagay sakin, but ill try it na tomorrow! :D Will need to clean my sanuks para magamit ko parin incase di talaga babagay outfits ko sa chucks hehehe!

    thanks sis! :) really hoping for the best! :) travel year! Always a travel year! :)


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