Opening accounts

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I formerly lived in when everyone loves loooong blog entries! =)
I think I've been there for more than 4 years already! =)
A few days ago, I looked back on old Friendster TESTIMONIALS aka "testi" and found out how sweeet and thoughtful and super nice everyone was, saying all those good things about you! :D I planned on deleting my account, but when I encountered these ala yearbook words from my friends and random acquaintances, I thought that I should keep my Friendster! :) It's a nice online spot that I can look back to...and bring back good ol' days! =)
I realized how things changed (in language! hello text linggo! hahaha!), but some things remain the pure friendship and love!!

Now going through my old blogs in my multiply! :D
I am opening them "for everyone" one by one, you think this is okay/worth it? ;p Before, I have no irks on privacy on the internet, but there was a time that I just closed everything and made all entries by contacts! :D

I know my grammar was poooor then (circa 2005 hahaha), and I used shortcut and super baduy words---but hey! :D Everyone went through those things! ;p Hahahaha!
Will not edit anything, just the viewing options, and maybe the color of my texts...I have the tendency to over-use yellows or purples then...ang sakit pala sa mata! :D Hahaha!


  1. Awww! This entry made me reminisce about my deleted friendster accounts and abandoned multiply site. I like what you said, "but some things remain the pure friendship and love!!" I concur!

    Btw, Vivi is about P400 (it actually depends on the currency rate but more or less that would be the price) and shipping costs me about P500 for items that weigh below 0.5 kgs.

    If you're having second thoughts about the shipping and all that, just wait for me to come home! Hahaha kidding aside, would love to meet you some day! :) Take care!

  2. Hiyee! :) Wow Friendster did brought back good memories of the times when my friends and I werent together in school, but still managed to stay in touch! :) =D

    Wow it's almost P1k nadin pala, maybe I have to look for other (small/light)stuff online that can only be bought there in Japan! +D Hehe! And yes I hope to meet you too someday! Here, or even there in Tokyo! ;D


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