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Monday, January 25, 2010

I only have roughly 4 minutes to write this before I am off sched with my meet ups today (as an online seller, one of the few days I go out!)...I was going about my usual routine awhile ago, breakfast then coffee break--with fumes of paint lingering through my nostrils disturbing my appetite (with the house being renovated), I lounged at our sala and read past newspapers conveniently hanging around our sofa--Philippine Star, last Saturday's story, today's history.

I was going through the ads where Kris Allen will come here in the Philippines, then the Cats musical which will be staging here within the month or so...when I saw one article of the author I was fond of--Ms. Barbara, with the title Mamoo's 40th. I realized now that for the longest time, I did not went out for gimmick last Saturday with my friends, instead, I stayed at home till the afternoon, went out with the family to Festival Mall for mass, dinner, and then strolling/grocery-ing...till we got home and mom asked us: "Natandaan niyo ba na death anniversary ni Nanay ngayon?"

Me: "Oo"

Maybe that was the subconscious reason for not going out, and instead, staying in with the family. The author said it best: to remember without going through traditions, but still remembering the best way we can without getting too "senti". To remember you in a form that may not be as grand or attention-grabbing. There will still be those days, Nanay. This may be the pain I am allowed to keep forever.

I love you and I still do miss you.

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