Think Pink!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

I was tagged by Ms. Pink and Fab herself (hehe! :)) Krissy! :)
The directions:

I know that most of you have already done this tag already but I would greatly appreciate it if you go around the house and take pictures of 7PINK items :)


Hot pink windbreaker from Giordano.
One of the few items I bought in expensive-Hongkong! ;)
I haven't overused this, worn only once I think, on a rainy November when I went from Manila to Makati on a taxi (so-not-me, I would rather commute! hehe)...because the downpour then was too heavy and I had with me my sister's birthday tarpaulin!
I love my rain accessories as bright and fun-colored as possible. =) My umbrella is in ultra-catchy yellow! ;p

2-5: (hehehe, I hope I'm not cheating with this)

Pink stuff for my essentials! :)
Pink Schic razor, pink lotion (got as freebie from J&J, thanks to Krissy's tip!), pink petroleum jelly (for my nightly lips routine hehe), and Veet waxing strips for my legs, which I avoid to shave na.


Pink Owls Bag

I realized I don't have a pink bag! :D Next to yellow, I'll choose hot pink, but I realized that I have more reds and violets than pinks! ;p

Anyway, I got this thin "extra-bag" from a magazine I bought on our HK trip last October. Their 7-eleven does not provide plastic bags, which I think is good, and so we lug around our water and junk foods till we reach our one block away hotel! :p This freebie made life easier for me. :)


My not so pink (tattered) wallet....

...With it's hot pink lining. =)

I tried replacing this wallet last last year with "long red wallet", to follow the "Chinese Business Woman" pamahiin, but money did not I brought this back and all is well since then. ;) Hahaha! I know it's all in the mind or I'm just thinking things up, but wth, it's all good. =)

Oh I love hot pink! :) :) :)

Tagging any bloggers: post your 7 yellow stuff. :)


  1. Me likey the pink owl bag :)

    Naniniwala rin ako dyan sa wallet thingie na yan sis, feeling ko lagi ako nawawalan ng pera sa wallet ko ngayon x_x kailangan na ng bago! :D

  2. hihihi :D nakakatuwa din yun may pamahiin na ganun, minsan feel ko talaga totoo e! :D hehehe! :D


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