there are days i want to move to tumblr ;p

Monday, January 11, 2010

Because I may not be in Tumblr, but I'm following lots of them by bookmarking pages! :D

1. Fuckyeahmkaolsen:

The Link:

[Still] the Olsen Twins. I still dont know what I just love about them, sometimes it's their clothes and style, or even their voice, or their "aura"...right now I know it's their HAIR. It's gotta be the hair! :D

2. Saabmagalona

The photos are nice, and the words are witty...but also, listen to her sing! :D

The Link:

Interesting people! :)
Plus, I'd love to be able to re-blog interesting entries/photos/vids of of other people, which cannot be done here in blogspot. ;p Oh well, pays to have bigger space for blabber-mouth ol me. ;) The space diff of being in Tumblr and Blogger!


Photos of barx Kitchen GB dinner c/o Me-an, last January 1 (first time to go out with friends on a New Year! :D)...night before Bora.

Nauso kasi ang "connections" sa photo...kung san-san tuloy makikita mga kamay namin, hahaha! :D
Sino ba nagpauso nun??? ;D

I hope it's more visible in the photo, but I'm loving my black fringe necklace that night. :) I made it from scraps  of materials I found that same day in my room, and attached them on chains. Not sturdy for an impromptu accessory, but really really made a difference in my normal outfit. ;)


  1. I have had a Tumblr acct for more than a year now na yata, pero 5% lang ang original posts, lahat reblog :D

    love the necklace :)

  2. hi and greetings from dubai! =D love the links you posted...i actually follow most of them. =D

  3. Krissy: Hihihi, siguro nga baka reblog lang ako ng reblog if I go tumblr, so blogger is good! :)

    mahryska: hi there! :D wow dubai! :) and wow same taste, hehe! these people i linked are interesting noh? :D See you around online!


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